best brass kitchen faucet

15 Best Brass Kitchen Faucet Ideas

Are you looking for the best brass kitchen faucet that is not only stylish but also has long-lasting performance?

Look no further than this list of high-quality faucets that provide superior performance and durability and deliver on that subtle signature gold hue that only brass kitchen faucets can offer.

best brass kitchen faucets

Brass kitchen faucets have never been more popular. For a good reason, they add the gold pop of color that everyone is after without the shiny overbearing yellow tint that can sometimes appear in gold faucets.

Adding brass hardware to your kitchen design is a powerful tool. Still, before making your final purchase decision, let us ensure you consider all your new kitchen faucet options.

In this post, I will review all the types of faucets, the different brass finish options, the top brass faucet manufacturers, high-tech features, and mounting options.

You will have all the advice and knowledge I give my clients during their design appointments to ensure you select the best brass kitchen faucet for your family and kitchen.

This post is all about the best brass kitchen faucets

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Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet

Unlacquered brass has no protective coating; unlacquered brass will begin to patina without a protective layer.

Patina means that your brass faucet will begin to darken around the one to two-year mark through a natural oxidation process.

This finish is also known as having a living finish.

This living finish is for those who want a timeless aged look and appreciates how nature and time change everything.

Unlacquered brass is expensive and manufactured by high-end plumbing companies like Waterstone, Kallista, Newport Brass, and California Faucets.

1. Unlacquered brass bridge kitchen faucet

unlacquered brass bridge faucet
Photo credit Newport brass

The Newport Brass Chesterfield 9458 bridge faucet with side spray is a highly sought-after living finish brass kitchen faucet.

The Chesterfield bridge faucet is a seriously high-quality, durable faucet and one of the few available in today’s market made of solid brass construction.

When you hold this faucet in your hands, you know its well built high-end faucet.

A bridge faucet is mounted on the countertop with two, three, or four holes.

This type of faucet is a work of art, and you should make it a focal point in your kitchen try centering it under the kitchen window. 

Unlacquered brass bridge kitchen faucets have a timeless classic charm that pairs well with traditional, transitional, farmhouse, cottage, and french country, to name a few design styles.

2. Unlacquered brass pull-down kitchen faucet

unlacquered brass pull down faucet
Photo credit: Perrin and Rowe London

Pull-down faucets are the most popular kitchen faucet design, and they are best suited in kitchens with deep sinks. 

This Perrin and Rowe London, unlacquered brass single-hole faucet with pull-down hose sprayer is called the Armstrong pull-down faucet with metal lever. 

This faucet is made of high-quality materials, such as a solid, lasting brass body. A high arch spout with a long hose makes filling large pots easy for the user to rinse out the sink. 

Retractable pull-down sprayer with ergonomic swivel connection quickly retracts back into place with no concerns for tangles.

Inspired by railway engineers, every effort was made to marry modern luxury with industrial design into the final look of this faucet. 

Modeling the lever after industrial levers and making the bolts look like industrial hardware.

If you are designing a modern style or industrial kitchen or want a faucet, you don’t see every day; then this could be a great choice.

Antique brass kitchen faucet

Ok, first thing first, what’s the difference between brass and antique brass?
Antique brass, also known as aged brass, will appear browner in color, with more of a patina antiqued finish. Antique brass has a low-luster finish with gold undertones.

Genuine antique brass faucets are hard to find; I’ve tried to pull the most affordable options from the market.

Moen, Delta, and Kohler have yet to hop on the antique brass trend. They provide oil-rubbed bronze, Venetian bronze, and black but not antique brass.

Antique brass kitchen faucets can be purchased through Kingston Brass, Waterstone, Newport Brass, and California Faucets.

3. Antique brass pull-down kitchen faucet

antique brass pull down faucet
Photo credit: Kingston Brass

Antique brass pull-down kitchen faucets help to drive home the look of vintage modern, or traditional decor.

The Heritage two-handle pull-down faucet by Kingstone brass is a unique faucet you don’t see daily. 

They have found a way to give homeowners the look of a bridge faucet with the everyday convenience of a pull-down faucet; all wrapped up in a gorgeous antique brass finish.

This finish looks great with white, brown, and beige cabinets; any neutral color cabinet can be enhanced with antique brass. 

I can see this faucet in a farmhouse kitchen sitting above an apron sink or in a laundry room.

4. Aged bronze pull-out faucet

antique brass pull out faucet
Photo credit Houzer

Pull-out faucet performs just as the name suggests; it pulls out vs. down. Why would someone want this? 

Well, I’ll give you a few reasons why.

A pull-out faucet could reduce splashing if you have a shallow kitchen sink.

Houzer Scepter Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, shown in antique brass, has a vintage feel and features easy to clean and removable aerator, swivel spout, and a whopping 20″ pull-out extension.

Pull-out kitchen faucets are also ideal for those who do not wish for the kitchen faucet to be the main focal point in the kitchen.

Polished brass kitchen faucet

Polished brass typically means solid brass construction with a high gloss lacquer finishes to prevent tarnish.
If you love the bright shiny look of gold, then polish brass in your kitchen could be the answer. Polish brass looks fantastic in a modern kitchen.

5. Polished brass pull-down faucet

polished brass kitchen faucet
Photo credit Brizo

This polished brass pull-down kitchen faucet by Brizo has a square-shaped spout adding a geometric element to a contemporary kitchen space. 

This high-tech faucet is equipped with a smart touch that allows you to turn on and off water with just a touch.

This faucet’s good looks just improved; Brizo is now offering this faucet with a wood lever handle.

6. Polished brass pot filler

polished brass pot filler
Photo credit Kingston Brass

The invention of the pot filler may go back to old-world times, but we can incorporate them into modern homes.

Pot fillers finished in polished brass with sleek, clean lines create a modern design.

The polished brass pot filler by Kingston brass has great geometrical circle and cylinder shapes, which, if you have read my previous blogs about modern and contemporary kitchen design, you know how vital geometric shapes are.

Black and brass kitchen faucet

Matte black and brass come together to make the most beautiful faucets. The elegant look of black and brass can translate across so many different design styles.
Take, for example, the options below.

7. Black and Brass pull-down faucet with sprayer

black and brass kitchen faucet
Photo credit Kohler

Mixed metals continue to be a trend in kitchens. This two-tone black and brass kitchen faucet by Kohler is the perfect blend of modern and classic.
Featuring a tear-shaped base, high arch spout, and single lever handle. I can see this dual-finish faucet elevating the look of a mid-century modern home.

8. Black and brass wall mount faucet

black and brass pull down faucet

There is nothing about this wall-mounted black and brushed brass kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer that I don’t love.

Let’s talk about some of the unique features of the Kingston brushed brass Gourmeetier wall-mounted faucet, like the high-performance dual-function pull-down sprayer, solid brass construction, cross-handle knobs, and rotating swivel.

Kingston knew what they were doing, adding splashes of black on the hose, and spray head button creating the perfect two-tone faucet.

Perfect for historical homes, farmhouses, and traditional. Spanish med, or even retro.

This glam piece will make washing dishes look easy and glamorous.

Satin brass kitchen faucet

Both satin and brushed brass have that warm golden brown hue; the difference is that brushed, as the name suggests, will have visible brush marks, giving the finish a more textured look.

The best news about satin brass is that it doesn’t show water spots or fingerprints!

9. Satin brass pull-out faucets

stin brass pull out faucet
Photo credit California faucet

The Corsano satin brass pull-out faucet by California Faucets is an all-brass construction faucet with a timeless appeal.

This faucet comes in many different finishes, including burnished brass. The Corsano faucet has a 360-degree rotating spout, making filling pots easy. 

This faucet is 8-5/16 spout height and can be used as a kitchen, bar faucet, or prep sink.

10. Brushed brass pull-down faucet with pot filler

brushed brass pull down kitchen faucet
Photo credit

The Artec pro-Pull-Down single-handle kitchen faucet by Kraus is pure genius. Not only does it offer the high arc design with the gorgeous open coil spout, but as an added bonus, it has the unique feature of a rotating pot filler.

This Kraus faucet will take your industrial or modern-style kitchen to the next level. The overall faucet height is 27- 1/2,” and the pull-down sprayer has a reach of 10-1/4″.

The best part is that this beauty has an affordable price tag of $400.

Kohler brass kitchen faucets

Kohler is one of the United States’ most recognized plumbing manufacturers.
They are known for having excellent customer service and quality products.

However, Kohler does not offer unlacquered, polished, or antique brass.

They offer brushed brass that they refer to as “Vibrant brushed moderne brass.”

If you are a Shea Mcgee fan, then you know that she partnered with Kohler for her personal home.

Still, an unlacquered bridge faucet was a must-have, so she partnered with Kohlers sister company Kallista to source her unlacquered bridge faucet. See #15 of our list.

11. Kohler Artifacts pull-down touchless brass faucet

brass pull down faucet
photo credit Kohler

The Kohler team takes touchless technology to another level. Just say, “fill my pasta pot” or “Pour two cups of water,” and sit back and watch the technology take over. 

Voice-activated, hands-free technology made an already perfect Artifact brass kitchen faucet even better.

12. Kohler Artifacts brass pot filler

brushed brass pot filler
Photo credit Kohler

What’s better than a Kohler artifact voice-activated touchless faucet? A matching vibrant brushed brass Kohler Artifact pot filler!

The minute you see this pot filler in person, you will know you are in the presence of quality craftsmanship, a true show stopper, and a sue chef to add to your kitchen decor.

I know from experience that people are either team pot fillers or not.

Still, once you have a quality pot filler like the Kohler Artifacts that can fill pasta pots faster than the average faucet or add just a few needed drops to your sauce, you will never deny the value and added convenience of a pot filler again.

13. Kohler vibrant brushed moderne brass bridge faucet

brushed brass bridge faucet
photo credit Kohler

When considering a bridge faucet, you typically imagine three holes, maybe even four, for a side spray; you immediately see it in a beautifully curated farmhouse or cottage kitchen.

Think again with the Kohler Purist bridge faucet in brushed brass. Clean, defined lines with just 2 holes keep the look minimal and sophisticated. 

The best part is that you have a 10″ clearance under the spout, so bring on the pasta pots.

This bridge faucet is for those who romanticize the idea of a bridge faucet but yearn for a more modern and contemporary kitchen.

14. Kohler Crue brass single-handle faucet

brushed brass pull out faucet
Photo credit: Kohler

The Crue single lever handle faucet with pull-out spray may be small, but it packs a big punch.

Loaded with valuable features like temperature memory, which allows the tap to be turned off and on at the same water temperature.

It also has the infamous Kohler ceramic disc valve, which extends the life of your faucet well outside industry norms.

15. Kallista (A Kohler Brand) Unlacquered Quincy Bridge Faucet

Shea Mcgee unlacquered bridge faucet
Photo credit Kallista

So here she is, people; this is the unlacquered bridge faucet that the celebrity interior designer Shea Mcgee has in her home. Isn’t she lovely?

The Quincy is a two-handle deck mount bridge faucet on an 8″ spread. Spout reaches 8-1/2 inches and has a 360-degree rotation.

As mentioned earlier, Kallista is a Kohler brand, as it has been for a long time. Kohler acquired Kallista in the 1980s.

Because Kohler only offers brushed brass, this could be your answer for those who want to stay loyal to Kohler but want unlacquered brass.

Frequently asked questions

What color sink with a brass faucet?

brass faucet with stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink is the most classic option and complements brass kitchen faucets well. White, cream, grey, or ivory sinks can pair nicely with a brass faucet, providing a slightly warmer look. Darker shades like navy blues and black can create a more dramatic contrast with brass accents.

Is brass good for kitchen faucets?

Yes, brass is an excellent choice for kitchen faucets because it is highly corrosion-resistant, durable, and lasts many years. Brass also has a unique subtle gold shine and can give a kitchen an attractive and classic look.

Is brass or stainless steel better for faucets?

Both brass and stainless steel offer unique advantages for use in faucets. Brass is a durable material that resists corrosion and has a warm, classic aesthetic. Stainless steel is also corrosion-resistant but has more of an industrial feel.
Ultimately, the choice between brass and stainless steel comes down to personal preference and the characteristics most important for your application. However, brass tends to be the more popular choice.

How to clean brass kitchen faucets?

To clean brass kitchen faucets:

  1. Start by making a paste with equal parts vinegar and flour.
  2. Apply the paste to the faucet and scrub it with a soft cloth.
  3. Rinse off the paste, then rub it with a dry towel to bring out its natural shine.
  4. For tougher stains or built-up grime, apply baking soda and lemon juice and let sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing.

Final thoughts and Conclusion

best brass kitchen faucets 2023

The best brass kitchen faucets can genuinely add a touch of style and elegance to any kitchen.

From classic bridge models, such as the Kohler Purist Bridge Faucet in Brushed Brass, to more modern options, like the Kallista Unlacquered Quincy Bridge Faucet or even traditional single lever handle designs from Kohler’s Crue Collection, there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing a brass faucet.

Whether your goal is timeless sophistication or a chic industrial look, you’ll find that a high-quality brass kitchen faucet will help make your dream space come alive.

This list is some of the best brass kitchen faucets on the market that should last many years, providing excellent value, performance, and a wow factor.

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