Farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Unique Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2023

Are you looking for unique farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas that reflect todays design?

Let me begin by saying congratulations on making the decision to go with a farmhouse kitchen design.

Farmhouse kitchens is still one of the most sought-after kitchen design styles whether you are going with rustic or modern farmhouse kitchen.

By now you have selected your cabinets, hood and countertops If you havent read my previous post on farmhouse hood ideas, check it out I think you will find it helpful.


Now you are in need of some farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas to drive home that quintessential farmhouse style.

You’ve come to the right place.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of new homeowners find the perfect backsplash that not only complements their overall kitchen design style but won’t fight with the countertops and can stand alone as the focal point.

We will discuss the key elements that define farmhouse style from color, shape, best installation patterns and of course maintenace and durabilty.

Lets dive in! This post is all about Farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas.

Subway tile

traditional white subway tile

Flat, white, 3×6 white subway tiles are the most common, economical, and readily available backsplashes that lends itself well to farmhouse kitchen design.

Most often laid in the traditional brick pattern also known as a running bond with matching white grout. A classic yet practical farmhouse kitchen choice.

White subway tile

white subway tile

The subway tiles in this kitchen are a bit longer than the standard subway tile, they also feature a high gloss wavy textured pattern that gives more depth, texture and visual interest to the kitchen backsplash.

Colored subway tiles

blue subway tiles

Take the timeless look of neutral colors used in subway tile backsplash and turn it on its head.

Farmhouse kitchen backsplashes in shades of blue or green can infuse a white kitchen with a pop of color.

Dont forget to add different wood textures so your kitchen design doesnt end up with too much of a contemporary look.

Consider a hardwood floor or perhaps a wam wood tone on the kitchen island cabinets.

Glass subway tile

glass subway tiles

Glass subway tiles are an excellent choice to add a touch of elegance and visually expand a smaller kitchen.

Consider this example: in a kitchen with dark cabinets, beveled pale blueish-gray glass tiles serve to brighten the space, while flawlessly complementing the quartz countertops. This balanced pairing underscores the charm and versatility of glass subway tiles in kitchen design.

Ranging from clear, colored, frosted, to mirrored options, glass subway tiles offer diverse aesthetic potentials. Antique mirrored subway tiles, in particular, can infuse a dash of vintage glamour into your farmhouse kitchen.

Herringbone backsplash

Herringbone backsplash pattern

Herringbone pattern can transform any material into a modern design aesthetic. Take this flat white 3×6 subway tile, installed in a herringbone pattern with a light gray grout gives the backsplash a updated look and tons of visual interest,

Black herringbone

black herringbone backsplash

Marble herringbone backsplash

Marble herringbone backsplash

Natural stone backsplashes work great in any style of kitchen design. This marble herringbone backsplash gives a high-end look to the navy blue cabinets and white upper cabinetry.

Natural stone like marble, can be warmed up with the use of wood on the floor or wood hood.


shiplap backsplash

Nothing says farmhouse kitchen design like shiplap. A great way to add rustic, nostalgic country warmth and charm. Instead of using shiplap as a kitchen accent wall try using it a backsplash.

Known for its tight joints shiplap backsplash when installed correctly and sealed can make a great farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas.

Painted Shiplap

shiplap kitchen backsplash

Painting your shiplap to match your upper cabinets, is a great way to pull a unique look out of a classic design.

The earthy colors used in this kitchen, along with the butcher block countertops, apron sink, and glass upper cabinets are all working in unison to create the farmhouse look.

Geometric Shapes

As mentioned earlier farmhouse kitchen design does not have to feel rustic and or country, modern farmhouse design is becoming increasingly more popular. Nothing infuses modern design more than the use of geometric patterns.

Hexagon tiles

black hexagon backsplash

Crisp white cabinetry with brass hardware is accentuated by the geometric pattern of a 8×9 matte black hexagon backsplash. Hexagon tiles are perfect for farmhouse kitchen style. The white countertops provide the foundation for farmhouse decor.

Pro tip- When using a solid dark backsplash such as the one shown you will want to switch outlet, and outlet covers to match. Standard white outlets will stand out like a sore thumb.

Picket fence tiles

Picket tile

Picket tiles, often referred to as picket fence tiles, are becoming increasingly popular in farmhouse kitchen designs.

Characterized by an elongated hexagonal shape that resembles a picket fence, these tiles offer a unique visual appeal that adds charm and character to the kitchen space.

This kitchen is adorned with an off-white picket tile, laid out in a horizontal stacked pattern, harmoniously complementing the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

The unique orientation of these elongated, fence-like tiles infuses a sense of modernity while the off-white hue maintains the warmth and welcoming vibe inherent to farmhouse design.

Square tiles

modern farmhouse backsplash idea

Incorporating geometric shapes in modern design isn’t confined to just hexagons or octagons; even a straightforward square ceramic glazed tile can epitomize the elegance and crisp lines quintessential of modern farmhouse aesthetics.

The interplay of contrasting hues among the countertops, cabinetry, and backsplash forms a striking visual spectacle.

This modern farmhouse kitchen design radiates a warmth and inviting ambiance synonymous with a traditional farm home, achieving a stunning blend of elegance and homeliness.

Brick farmhouse backsplash tiles ideas

Brick backsplash tiles

Nothing captures the essence of a charming rustic kitchen or edgy industrial design like a brick backsplash. Brick backsplashes come in two different design styles a brick-look tile made of ceramic or porcelain, and real brick veneers.

White brick backsplash

flowers in the kitchen sink

White brick backsplashes are often used in farmhouse design, german smeared backsplashes were a farmhouse backsplash staple on the hit show Fixer Upper adding all the rustic gorgeous texture you could ever imagine.

Keep in mind that real brick can be difficult to install and it does absorb moisture, in this farmhouse kitchen the designer used a stainless steel range backsplash.

Mosaic tile backsplash

mosaic farmhouse kitchen backsplash

Incorporating a mosaic backsplash in a farmhouse kitchen demands a thoughtful selection to harmonize with earthy neutrals typical of the style.

The key is balancing the striking mosaic tiles with a solid countertop.

For instance, in a rustic kitchen, smokey gray cabinets and a simple white quartz countertop beautifully set off a detailed mosaic backsplash in shades of beige, grey, brown, and white, creating an engaging focal point while preserving the cozy farmhouse feel.

Stone backsplash

stone farmhouse backsplash

If you’re seeking a luxurious touch in your farmhouse kitchen, a stone backsplash can be an ideal choice.

Made from natural materials like travertine or limestone, each piece is unique, enhancing the kitchen’s rustic character.

It’s best to choose honed, matte or tumbled finishes for that farmhouse feel.

In this standout kitchen design, a custom tumbled stone backsplash and custom stone arch over the white cabinets and stove create a rich charming, rustic backsplash.

However, bear in mind that stone can be porous, so prompt cleanup of spills is essential.

Concrete farmhouse backsplash

Concrete farmhouse backsplash

Heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and stain customizable – these are the strengths of a concrete backsplash.

In this sexy modern farmhouse kitchen, the sleek black concrete backsplash subtly enhances the natural warmth of wood-toned cabinetry.

Concrete backsplashes work excellently in industrial-style kitchens too.

It’s important to balance the cool, stark nature of concrete with elements like natural wood and textured accessories like barstools and light fixtures to inject warmth into the design.

This harmonious blend delivers both style and functionality.

Patterned backsplash tiles

Pattern farmhouse kitchen backsplash

Patterned tiles are an excellent way to marry traditional design with farmhouse charm.

Opting for a neutral color palette, in shades of white, gray, or cream, harmonizes well with the farmhouse aesthetic, while muted splashes of color like dusty blues or sage greens can add a vibrant twist without veering away from the style.

Consider this kitchen, which artfully combines two shades of blue with mixed metals to evoke a traditional farmhouse ambiance.

The use of patterned tiles, blended with the warmth of the wooden upper cabinets, effortlessly highlights the farmhouse aesthetic. It’s a perfect example of how careful choices in pattern, color, and materials can create a space that’s both traditional and comfortably rustic.

White backsplash with patterned tile

white farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

While the classic white subway tiles is a favorite for many, incorporating a patterned tile just behind the stove can inject an eclectic twist into your farmhouse kitchen.

This Spanish-inspired patterned tile not only offers a lively focal point but also provides an opportunity to introduce color. It’s a delightful way to add personality to simple white subway tiles.

Of course, the hallmark of any farmhouse kitchen is the use of wood, a feature that lends warmth and rustic charm. Here, wood makes its appearance in open shelving, maintaining that essential farmhouse spirit while providing functional, visually pleasing storage.

Full-height backsplash

farmhouse full height backsplash

A full-height quartz backsplash can create a strong visual impact by serving as a sleek, contemporary backdrop, therefore when used in a farmhouse theme it’s important to warm up other aspects of your kitchen design.

In this kitchen, farmhouse elements were uniquely introduced to the uniterupted full height quartz backsplash.

Oak open shelves placed in front of large windows is the perfect choice for adding natural light. While wooden cabinets create an inviting atmosphere.

The use of classic choices like apron front sinks, and oversized rustic pendant lighting really define modern farmhouse style.

White marble farmhouse backsplash ideas

White marble backsplash

Marble is synomous with glamour, luxury and stunning natural beauty. For those looking for a more elevated and sophsticated farmhouse backsplashes consider white marble.

Small kitchens really seem to benefit from the use of white marble as it reflects light and can make small spaces appear larger.

When using white marble as a uniqure farmhouse kitchen backsplash idea you will want to mix lux with rustic.

This kitchen demonstrates this point exactly. Elegant natural stone marble backsplash is contrasting with the wooden floor.

Textured woven barstools sit underneathe a white marble countertop; while polished nickel industrail metal pendants shine down on a glass vase of pastel hydrangeas. A flower known for its welcoming, homely feel.

Peel and stick backsplashes

I’m a firm believer in transforming any living space into a home, regardless of whether you own or rent.

Peel-and-stick backsplashes have greatly evolved, now mirroring the realism of ceramic or natural stone tiles, but with the added convenience of effortless removal. Free from mortar, grout and professional installment. Check out this peel and stick backsplash buying guide

Let’s face it, trends evolve rapidly, and a dated backsplash can age your kitchen. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to effortlessly refresh your kitchen’s appearance to align with changing trends or simply when you desire a fresh look?

Final thoughts and encourgament

farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas

Fantastic, you’ve made it to the end! We hope this journey through unique 2023 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas has been inspiring.

Let’s revisit what we’ve explored…

Whether you’re embracing the rustic warmth of a traditional farmhouse kitchen or the sleek sophistication of the modern farmhouse style, the possibilities for unique backsplashes are endless.

Essential considerations for capturing that perfect farmhouse feel include color selection, installation pattern, shape, texture, cost, maintenance, and durability.

For a touch of elegance, marble can elevate your classic farmhouse look. If rustic charm is your aim, consider shiplap, brick, or natural stone. While, geometric shapes are your modern farmhouse friend.

Remember, the inclusion of wood is non-negotiable in farmhouse design. It can be introduced through flooring, cabinetry, countertops, or even open shelving – it’s the secret ingredient that imbues your kitchen with that authentic farmhouse vibe.

Armed with these crucial elements of farmhouse kitchen backsplashes, we’re eager to hear from you! Share in the comments section which backsplash design you’ve decided to incorporate into your kitchen.

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