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20 Stunning Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas (photos 2023)

Who else is hunting for kitchen accent wall ideas for that long, empty wall that quickly ran out of pizzazz once the kitchen cabinets and backsplash ended?

I have seen many model home interior designers tackle this design dilemma; Here are 20 of my all-time favorite kitchen and dining room feature walls that are sure to add textural interest.

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1. Accent wall paint

accent wall color kitchen

Never underestimate the power of a can of paint. Giving the wall an accent color is a simple way to take plain white walls from white to wow in minutes. This is the most economical option for creating a focal point.   

Paint the accent wall a  different color from the primary wall color for bold color contrast.   

Try neutral paint colors similar in color to the rest of the room, by going 3 to 4 shades darker for a more subtle pop of color. 

2. Stone Accent Wall  

What I love about a natural stone accent wall is that it can work for many unique design styles.  

A traditional red brick wall lends itself well to rustic farmhouse decor, while a black stacked stone rock wall elevates the look of a sleeker and more modern kitchen. 

Bottom line is that a stone-clad wall is great for any space that is lacking architectural detail and ornamentation.  

3. Wine wall  

kitchen wine storage

Wine walls have become a trendy choice for adding visual interest to the living space. Your favorite bottles of wine are sure to be a conversation starter for visiting guests.   

We added a wine wall to our kitchen wall and filled it with bottles of wine and champagne. We are always ready to celebrate! 

4. Wainscoting Wood Paneling  

Chair rails and wainscotting have been around for years, but they are still a great choice. 

The look is classic and timeless, adding sophistication to even a small kitchen or breakfast room.  

Millwork is also a very versatile wall design and can be made to look more traditional or contemporary based on the panel’s widths, spacing, and heights.   

5. Shiplap Wall 

black shiplap wall

The critical thing to remember about shiplap is that it doesn’t have to be white and horizontal.  

The perfect way to modernize a shiplap wall is to install the slats in different ways.  

The wider tongue and groove panels installed vertically can make the entire room feel taller and more modern. Try black accent wall paint for a surprising and unique look.

6. Removable Wallpaper  

One of my very favorite kitchen accent walls was accomplished using wallpaper. Wallpaper adds a stunning visual punch and layers in lots of yummy textures. Wallpaper options are so vast you are sure to find something that matches every color scheme. 

Try the peel-and-stick wallpaper version. Removable wallpaper is the perfect choice for those currently renting to add an accent wall.

7. Tile walls kitchen

kitchen tile wall

Do you have some leftover floor tiles? Try having them installed on your wall. Trust me. It looks fantastic! Try different installation styles like herringbone, offset, stacked, or diagonal.  

Installing ceramic tile on your walls is a creative and fun way to spice up that blank wall. You won’t be sorry; it coordinates perfectly and looks like it belongs.   

8. Gallery Wall

kitchen gallery wall

They say, “The kitchen is the heart of the home” and “Everyone always gathers in the kitchen.” If this is true, why not gather your loved one’s photos and bring them to the kitchen to create a stunning gallery wall?   

Family gallery walls help to personalize the space and tell the unique story of those who live there.  

 Keep the size of the photos, frame, and finish the same. Arrange the picture frames in a visually appealing way and then highlight them with art sconce lighting  

9. Open shelving

Open shelving is a time-tested and proven way to execute a feature wall in the kitchen. Open shelves have been placed on kitchen walls to showcase anything from dishes to spices.   

Floating shelves are an excellent alternative to adding more cabinets, and with various lengths, finishes, and styles, there are endless design opportunities.   

10. Kitchen office nook

kitchen office nook

The Kitchen island tends to become a catch-all; backpacks, purses, mail, dog leash, jackets, you name it, we tend to drop everything on the kitchen island. Adding a drop zone with a built-in desk in the kitchen is always a good and practical idea. Match the desk, countertop, and backsplash to the kitchen so that it feels like an intentional part of the design, not an afterthought. 

11. Chalkboard wall

black chalkboard wall adjacent to a kitchen has a shopping list and menu written in white chalk.

love a great focal point, and even better if that focal point is also functional! The chalkboard kitchen accent wall offers just that.   

The dark black chalkboard paint color adds a moody vibe to the kitchen. The ability to write bright white cheerful messages to your family lightens the mood.  

 Young children love being able to scribble on the wall and not get reprimanded, and Mom loves it to remind Dad to pick up milk from the grocery. Chalkboard walls are an affordable and easy way to add character. 

12. Geometric wood wall paneling

kitchen wood wall panel

1″ x4″ wood strips, a can of paint, good math, and patience are all you need to pull off this geometric design genius. Paneled accent walls can be applied in various patterns to give any wall in your home the wow factor.  

Depending upon your skill set, wall panels can be done in simple vertical or horizontal stripes, or for more complex DIY’ers, herringbone or geometric designs are terrific too. 

Pro tip: It is a good idea to paint the wall first; the second coat of paint can be applied once the boards are fully installed.   

13. Mirror accent wall

kitchen mirror wall idea

As mentioned earlier, the bad news is that these long blank walls are typically windowless, and the good news is that there is usually a large window or sliding glass door adjacent to the wall.  

This is the perfect way to reflect natural light and fill the whole room with sunshine by installing a custom glass mirror floor to ceiling.  

A mirror kitchen accent wall will also reflect the room’s beautiful elements, like pendant lighting and chandeliers. 

 Pro tip: Save money by using smaller pieces of glass like 17×17 squares and then add wood paneling to give a custom look and hide the seams.   

14. Cement wall

I know what you are thinking, cement walls are cold and sterile, and in many ways, that can be true in the wrong space.  

However, a cement-feature wall in a contemporary kitchen can be just what the doctor ordered.  

Cement walls stained in the perfect complimentary neutral paint colors can be a stunning background to layer on wall art and unique decor.  

15. Entertainment Center 

grey upper and lower cabinets with a built-in beverage cooler and wine rack serves as an entertainment center adjacent to a kitchen

Whenever this one is mentioned, everyone worries that they need plumbing for a sink; a sink is unnecessary to make an attractive entertainment center. An entertainment center with a built-in wine or beverage cooler, wine bottle holder, and wine glass rack will do the trick. add a matching backsplash, cabinetry, pulls, and voila, you’ve added a gorgeous accent and value.

Not a wine drinker, the same look and functionality can be achieved with a coffee and a Keurig.   

16. 3-D plastic wall panels 

pvc wall panel designs

This PVC powerhouse is not only 3-D and adds excellent texture; they are easy to cut and clean. Plastic wall panels add architectural elements to your transitional and contemporary space. Want a bolder statement? Try painting the boards in your favorite pops of color like black.  

17. Slat wood wall panel

kitchen slat wall

If you are on the hunt for a clean and modern look, slat wood wall panels could be the answer to your accent wall dilemma.

Thin individual wood slats are assembled onto a panel; these panels fit together as you glue or screw them into the wall. The look is visually stunning whether you decide to apply it vertically or horizontally to the wall.

Kick it up a notch and continue the panels onto the ceiling. Slat wood panels provide an organic element to the space, plus the added benefit of sound reduction as they often have acoustic properties. Not a design choice you see every day, but when you do, it’s memorable.   

18. Natural Cork Wall Tiles

cork wall panel

Cork wall tiles are a quirky design idea that is relaxed and casual. When applied to the entire wall length, you will have created a purposeful life-size pin and message board for your family.

Decorative cork wall tiles have come a long way for residential design applications. Cork wall tiles are now available in a variety of charming shapes & bright, vibrant colors like yellow, orange, tan, and even ombre.

Try a fun shape such as a hexagon, teardrop, and puzzle piece.   

Pro tip—The best part is that the cork has noise reduction and thermal insulation properties.

19. Wall Mural

cork wall panel

Mural accent walls are increasingly popular and are now sought after for nurseries, family rooms, and kitchen feature walls. Unlike wallpaper that repeats a pattern, murals are digital images made using high-resolution photography, and murals can be customized to fit the space and tell a story.

20. Book-matched stone slab

bookmatched marble wall

I saved this one for last because it’s the most expensive. However, a book-matched wall slab has to be one of the most gorgeous accent wall ideas that exist.

The look can be accomplished using polished quartz, granite, or marble. The idea is that two or more slabs with matching patterns are placed side by side, perfectly aligning the veins and the movement of the slab.

The idea is that it looks like a mirror image or “open book.” The final look is a bold statement of sophistication and elegance like it was torn from the pages of Architectural Digest.

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Pro Tip—Book matching can also be accomplished using wood, leather, porcelain, and ceramic for a more cost-effective yet custom look. 

Final thoughts and reminders 

There is always so much time and attention put into every aspect of kitchen design, and for a good reason, kitchens can make or break a home’s overall appeal and value.

Adding a kitchen accent wall can only uplift the space and the people who get to enjoy it.

According to Remodeling Magazine by JLC Young, New Homeowners are really embracing textured statement walls. Please remember to consider your kitchen’s wall texture when making your final decision. 

Let us take a closer look at how wall textures can play a significant role in many statement wall ideas.

Textured walls such as knockdown, skip trowel, and popcorn is not conducive for wallpaper, murals, slat wood wall paneling, and many other accent wall ideas presented here.

Smooth walls and or lightly textured walls, such as orange peel, are needed for these design choices. Read the reviews and installation suggestions of the manufacturer before making your final decision for the best kitchen accent wall for your home.  







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