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8 Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges (2024)

So, you’ve made it to this stage! You spent hours deciding and finally chose the perfect granite countertops. But now, there’s a new challenge ahead.

The granite edge profile decision is looming. How does one even determine granite countertop edges most popular profiles for 2024? It’s not a choice to take lightly.

The worst-case scenario? Selecting a stunning granite countertop, only to pair it with an outdated edge. That would be a design disaster.

And let’s not even start on the specific edges. What on earth distinguishes a mitered edge from a beveled one? If only someone could show a straightforward comparison!

Lastly, there’s the big question: compatibility. Will your chosen edge align with your kitchen design? The myriad of considerations seems never-ending.

In this post, I’m going to simplify things for you. There are only 7 granite countertop edge profiles that you should consider.

These will align with today’s trends, meet your family’s needs, and complement your unique kitchen design.

This post is all about what’s hot and not in granite countertop edge profiles in 2024!

Eased Edge

In my design studio, many face decision paralysis regarding kitchen countertops. My recommendation?

The eased edge granite countertop profile. For years in design appointments, this was my go-to, and here’s why.

The eased edge profile flaunts a flat face with slightly rounded corners.

This design “eases” sharp edges, enhancing aesthetic appeal. Softened rounded edge reduces chipping risks and protects, especially young children.

Best of all, the eased edge complements traditional to ultra-modern kitchen styles.

Mitered Edge

Mitered edges, sometimes called “build-up edges”, are often called granite’s most modern edge.

They are crafted by joining two slabs at a 45-degree angle, giving the illusion of a thicker countertop.

While standard edges usually have a thickness of 2 to 3 cm, mitered edges can appear to be 5 cm or even thicker.

This dramatic thickness especially stands out on kitchen islands and is a favorite in contemporary kitchens for a modern look.

Square Edge

square countertop edge

Much like its eased edge cousin the square edge countertop is rooted in simplicity.

A flat front with vertical edges that create a crisp 90-degree angle. Often the top straight edge is slightly rounded to avoid sharp corner injuries.

The difference is that the edges are not softened on the top and bottom, like in the eased edge style.

I have square edges on my perimeter base cabinets and I kept bumpers on the sharper edges when my daughter was younger, they are not ideal for small children.

Square edge granite counters are diverse and work well in most kitchen designs but leans a bit more contemporary than the eased edge.

Bullnose Edge

Bullnose granite edges are undoubtedly iconic in the world of countertops.

Characterized by its round edge profile, it is essentially a smooth, continuous curve from the countertop’s surface to its underside.

Bullnose edges, with their injury-reducing rounded design, are ideal for families with children.

Their classic look is suitable for many kitchens but is most often used in traditional kitchen design.

However, I must share an insight: full bullnose granite is on its way out.

Having conducted numerous home design appointments across various price ranges and age groups.

I’ve witnessed its steady decline in new countertop selections.

While it’s famous, it’s not among the top granite profiles in 2024.

If you’re here for the latest trends, full bullnose edge might not be the answer

Half Bullnose

Half Bullnose Countertop

Unlike the traditional full bullnose that rounds the entire edge, the half bullnose edge was introduced to offer a sleeker and more evolved design.

The half-bullnose granite countertop edge is rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. It matches today’s more streamlined aesthetic.

This creates the illusion of a thicker and more robust edge but still incorporates safety, ease of cleaning, and soft curves.

Works in diverse kitchen styles, however, I would avoid bullnose edges altogether in ultra-contemporary style kitchens, where sharp clean lines are more in vogue.

Waterfall Edge

For those of you who have a contemporary kitchen design in mind the waterfall edge is a modern design that takes that exquisite granite countertop slab you discovered and runs it down the sides of the cabinets to the floor.

This continuous, clean edge is in lockstep with an edgy modern kitchen.

Beyond the stunning natural beauty of the waterfall edge style is the protection it offers to side cabinet panels and kitchen island.

Pro TIP- Granite is a natural stone with high variation. Vein patterns and countertop seams may not align on the sides. Think through if you will be okay with this before deciding on this choice.

Bevel Edge Countertop

The bevel granite edge showcases a top edge that is cut at a 45-degree angle that provides a slanted surface.

This granite edge profile gives the kitchen granite a sophisticated and elevated look.

Ogee Edge

Double Ogee Granite Edge

Ogee is a good choice for those with traditional kitchens with its distinctive S-shape curve edge profile.

Offering a more ornate countertop edge than the beveled. The Ogee edge was introduced for those looking to add decorative detail to every square inch of the kitchen.

Buyers beware that the beautiful S shape catches crumbs, like nobody’s business, and will require more cleaning.

Ogee is best used in traditional homes, the ornate detail will not work well in modern kitchens with contemporary design.

Frequently Asked Granite Countertop Edge Questions

What countertop edge is timeless?

The eased edge stands as the most timeless of all countertop edges.

Striking the perfect balance, it is neither overly modern nor excessively ornate. Its simplistic design ensures it remains in style, unaffected by shifting trends year after year.

What edge makes granite countertops look thicker?

The mitered edge is renowned for providing the thickest appearance in granite countertops.

Standard edges typically measure 2 to 3 cm in thickness, but mitered edges can create the illusion of a substantial 5 cm or more, offering a bold, statement look.

What is the most modern granite countertop edge?

The mitered edge is often hailed as the epitome of modernity in granite countertops.

Crafted from two slabs joined at a 45-degree angle, this edge style instantly infuses a contemporary touch into any countertop design.

What is the most popular countertop edging?

The eased edge is not only the top choice for countertop edging but also stands as the most timeless selection, blending enduring appeal with widespread popularity.

Final thoughts on granite countertop edges

There you have it the 8 most popular granite countertop edges for 2023-2024.

This guide helped narrow down your options so that you can make your granite edge profile with ease and confidence.

We identified some updates to outdated edges like a full bullnose to the half bullnose and the newer choice of the waterfall and mitered edges that may not have been on your design radar.

As always the most important rule in home design and remodeling is education to make choices that are best suited for your family, lifestyle, design aesthetic, and above all else your style.

Explore more about design ideas in small kitchen remodels.

If this guide to the right edge profile has inspired you, share it with friends or family considering a kitchen makeover and share it on social media.

Stay connected for the latest trends and tips, ensuring your next kitchen upgrade is both a stylish and functional space.

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