New home photoshoot ideas

50 New Home Photoshoot Ideas for Couples and Family

Are you looking for new home photoshoot ideas that will capture the excitement and accomplishment of buying a new home?

These are some of the most memorable new home photoshoot ideas that will cover your big day from every angle of the home-buying process.

New home photoshoot ideas

Buying a new home is a big deal. Over the past ten years, I’ve had the honor of selling and designing new homes and witnessing many families realize the American dream.

I’ve also been the I-phone amateur photographer behind so many candid moments. My buyers have creative ways and different perspectives on memorializing their home purchase on film.

I will share some of the best lighting, photoshop skills, great locations, and family photography ideas with you.

This post is all about the best new home photoshoot ideas that will inspire future generations and keep the nostalgic memories coming for years.

    New home photoshoot ideas

    new home photoshoot family

    Be sure to include the entire family. Remember the family pets or a teddy bear that goes everywhere with your little one.

    In this candid moment, it appears Mom and Dad closed on a weekday and had the opportunity to unload a few boxes before picking the kids up from school.

    Notice how the backpack, stuffed animal, and soccer ball tell a story about who lives in the homes.

    I imagine the kids running to select their rooms or racing to the trampoline that was acquired with the new house.

    New home photoshoot single

    New home photoshoot single

    Single men and women are no longer waiting to be married to buy their first home. Apartment renting is becoming increasingly expensive, and buying something makes better financial sense.

    Include in your photo the amenity or feature that really convinced you to purchase the home, like a rooftop garden or a great view of the city. A cup of coffee, a glass of champagne, or tea helps to personalize the photo.

    Photo shoot ideas for couples

    Couples can have a fun and unique photoshoot experience in the comfort of their own home. A DIY photoshoot at home is an easy way to capture intimate and special moments together, without having to go out for a professional session. Get creative with props, poses, lighting, backdrops and locations around your house

    Design appointment photos

    new home photoshoot couples

    Teamwork makes the dream work; there is no more extensive collaboration with your partner than building a new construction home.

    There are endless choices from lot location, exterior architecture, paint colors, floors, cabinets, and countertops.

    Take candid photos in those moments of decision, like your design center appointment or furniture shopping for the perfect sofa.

    Moving Boxes

    couple with moving boxes on thier heads

    Moving boxes….if you are moving, you have lots of them. I love this idea because it’s a simple and easy new home photoshoot.

    It’s quirky, and those who know you will see your face and personality through the cardboard.

    Let’s face it when you move, you are not exactly camera ready.

    New home photography need not be complicated or require hiring a professional photographer.

    Mirror reflection Photography

    couple dancing in mirror

    Mirror reflection photography is a creative and unique type that uses a mirror to capture a subject’s reflection.

    The mirror is placed in the environment to reflect the subject interestingly or abstractly.
    Mirror reflection photography can be used to create candid new home photos.

    Enjoying everyday activities

    husband pushing wife in wheel barrel

    Your everyday activities can be the perfect shot for a couple’s first home pictures.
    Take photos enjoying your everyday life in the best natural lighting possible.
    This couple enjoying a day of gardening in the sun could be captioned “We’re planting new roots.”

    Eating take-out on the floor

    couple eating chinese food in new home

    It will be a while before you can get all cleaned up and enjoy some of the hip new restaurants in your new town.

    Chinese takeout and moving boxes will be your world for a while. This is another excellent example of how everyday objects and events can be shared on social media as a quick update.

    Getting to know the new city

    couple getting taxi in new york

    Eeek….you did it! Not only did you move, but you moved to the big city.

    Capture a photo of you walking through the iconic streets in your town, or better yet, have someone take a picture of you hailing your very first yellow taxi.

    Kitchen The heart of the home

    house announcement ideas

    Kitchens sell the home; I know that’s not your first time hearing that one. Show off your kitchen in your new home photoshoot.

    Pictures of you cooking and enjoying your new kitchen are easy ways to capture a memory.

    The golden hour and the patio hanging lights highlight this photo of the couple dancing in the brand-new kitchen.

    Retirment couple dream home celebration

    forever home photo ideas

    You have earned this moment. You have worked and raised your children your whole life, and now it’s time to do what you want and when you want to do it.

    This photo is all about the couple with genuine smiles and a beautiful home in the background.

    Home Photoshoot Ideas

    Home photoshoots are a great way to capture memories and document special features of the home. To get the most out of your photoshoot, it’s important to plan ahead. Start by deciding on a vision for each room you’ll be shooting in. Choose props and backgrounds that fit with your desired aesthetic.

    Front door photography

    beautful wood double dooor entry

    The front door is a great way to give your friends and family a sneak peek at your new home.

    Do you have a welcoming front door that features a pop of color or a monogrammed door wreath?

    Sending a simple photo of the front door is great for a change of address and new home photo cards.

    New Home Photography

    Beautiful brick new home

    There are many reasons why we decide to move to a new home, often because we need a bigger house. Don’t be afraid to showcase a larger home in a home photo shoot, be sure and take photos of the home from different angles. I like using the home’s exterior when the reason for moving is for a larger or smaller home.

    Housewarming photoshoot ideas

    new home photoshoot friends

    Buying a home requires the collaboration of so many. Mortgage lenders, real estate agents, movers, friends, family, construction managers, and designers.

    When you include friends, family, and other key individuals in your new home photography, you will be instantly reminded of all the supportive faces who made the dream a realization.

    Pro tip- I had my wedding photographer take a panoramic photo of my husband, me, and all of our wedding guests on the beach using a wide-angle lens and ladder. At the bottom of the card, it simply read, “Thank you.”

    I received more positive feedback about the thank you card than any other element of the wedding. Many of my friends and family chose to frame the card for their homes.

    New Home Adobe Photoshop Ideas

    Photoshop is a great tool to spruce up your home photoshoots. With it, you can easily add effects or change the background of images for a more creative and unique result. Here are some ideas to get started: add text overlays with fun quotes, use filters to make colors pop, experiment with double exposure shots and play around with different angles. Have fun and be sure to explore all that Photoshop has to offer!

    new home photo using photoshop

    You bought the house, and all you have to show for it is a dirt lot. A to-be-built home can easily take eight months to 2 years if it’s a custom home.

    Utilizing photoshop to paint the future picture is a unique new home photo idea.

    Commission your child to create their very best artistic rendering of the new home and then use it as the background of your photo using photoshop.

    Not only will this commemorate the building of your new house, but you will see the new home through your child’s eyes.

    Flat Lay New Home Design Options

    Flat lay photography is a great way to showcase design options in home photoshoots. It involves taking pictures from an overhead angle of objects arranged on a flat surface, usually with the goal of creating a visually appealing composition.

    This type of photography can be used to highlight samples of your floors, cabinets and countertops. By using this technique, you can create stunning images that capture the beauty and complexity of your home’s interior design.

    New home flat lay design options

    Nothing was more challenging than making every single design decision for your new home, but I’m sure it was a labor of love you are so proud of.

    Sharing your interior design choices in flat-lay photography is a perfect example of thinking outside the box.

    Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

    baby climbing the stairs  with red christmas bow

    Want to melt the hearts of your friends, family, and followers? Include your baby in the new home photoshoot fun.

    Changes in familial status often prompt the search for a new home.

    Imagine this Christmas card captioned “We’re on the move” or “New home and New beginnings.”

    newborn baby in stroller with dog

    Family Photography Ideas

    When planning a family photo shoot, there are many creative ideas to consider. Think about the ideal location for the shoot that best suits your family’s style, then decide on clothing colors or themes to coordinate with it. It can also be helpful to bring props such as toys and books that will help keep little ones engaged during the session

    Older children’s photoshoot ideas

    children  playing  on a sofa

    When you have older children or children who are all close in age, there’s bound to be some debate about who gets which room; a game of rock, paper, scissors can quickly iron things out.

    Demonstrate your family lifestyle

    family playing baskeball in driveway

    Are you a family of basketball players, runners, or skiers?

    You may have moved to help your son or daughter pursue a dream of acting, singing, or gymnastics.

    Demonstrate your family lifestyle in your new home photos; great props can include tennis rackets, volleyballs, or matching sneakers.

    Duplicate iconic family photography

    brady bunch on the stairs

    Moving is one of the most stressful events in a persons life, so a sense of humor can go a long way.

    Evans family photo

    Recreating an iconic tv show family like the Brady Bunch, all lined up on the stairs or Good Times family, all smiles and hugged up, is a fun family photoshoot idea.

    Pro tip– If you can duplicate the original outfits, the cast members wore even better.

    Family vacation home

    family vacation home photoshoot ideas

    The only thing better than buying your first home is a second vacation home. People mainly want a vacation home to spend less time working and more time with their families.

    An excellent family photoshoot idea is at sunset on the beach, mountains, campfire, or lake.

    Room with a view

    new vacation home photoshoot ideas

    I love this photo because you can see that it’s all about the beautiful backdrop. 

    The gentleman has just moved into his new vacation home. He still has blank walls and no furniture, but who cares? The mountain view and sunlight fill the space.

    Cooking in the kitchen

    Dog on kitchen counter

    A day the family dog will never forget. Getting the chance to sample the food while it’s cooking.

    Pose with family heirloom

    couple poses new home photo with family heirloom

    Are you in possession of a family heirloom? Incorporate a treasured family heirloom in the photo—have the couple pose with a piece of furniture, artwork, or another item passed down.

    This is one of my personal favorite new home photoshoot ideas. As an added bonus, your family will be happy to see the family keepsake arrive safe and sound.

    First-Time Home Buyer Pictures

    first time buyer new home photoshoot

    I have taken hundreds of photos like these, which never get old.

    I especially love a family in front of the home holding a sold sign when it’s the first time a home has been purchased.

    Call me old school, but it truly brightens my day whenever I see a photo like this.

    Over the threshold

    first home couples pictures

    I love sending my congratulations card to the new homeowners after they close with my favorite real estate quote” The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate,” Andrew Carnegie

    New home due to job relocation

    job relocation new home photo ideas

    When I think of all the new home buyers I have met over the years, I think of why they were moving. It was often for advancing a work opportunity or starting a new business.
    Studies have shown that we spend more time at work than at home.

    This is especially true for those who are self-employed.

    Using your employer’s office building or your small business storefront as your backdrop is more clever new home photoshoot ideas and a great plug on social media.

    flowers in the kitchen sink

    Flowers sitting in the kitchen sink and other kitchen staging ideas can be found in my previous post.

    What are some cool photoshoot ideas?

    1. Set up a cozy scene inside the home, with the couple relaxing on their couch or a favorite chair, surrounded by photos and other mementos of the move.
    2. Have the couple pose in front of a wall mural or art installation in the new city.
    3. Capture a sunset or sunrise photo of the couple embracing in front of their new home.
    4. Have the couple pose on their porch swing—a perfect spot to relax and reflect on new beginnings!
    5. Create a silhouette shot of the couple walking hand-in-hand near or within their new home.
    6. Take a creative photo of the couple in their living room opening their housewarming gifts.
    7. Hang family portraits on the wall and then photograph them
    8. Use inanimate objects like door mats that say “Home Sweet Home” Or your new keys
    9. Poke fun at yourself. The 85″ Television was the first thing delivered and set up.
    10. Take a photo of the home from the street with the couple’s cars parked in the open garage captioned “Honey, I’m Home.”
    11. Create a collage standing in each room, highlighting all the unique features like pools, vintage tubs, gourmet kitchens, beamed ceilings, charming french doors, movie theaters, and home gyms.
    12. Write a message in the sand to your family and friends saying,” We made it” or “Digitial Detox” These are great photos.
    13. The staircase is often the home’s focal point and is always used in holiday greeting cards and new home photography. Decorate the staircase with garlands and fairy lights.
    14. Place 2 Samplize peel and stick paint samples in opposing colors like black and tan on a blank wall and play a rock, paper, and scissors game.
    15. Photograph the family putting the Christmas tree up, especially if the tree is the first or only thing up thus far.
    16. Did you splurge on your floors, or do you love your marble countertops? A fun home photoshoot idea can be of you laying on your hardwood flooring and countertops, giving it a big warm embrace.
    17. Do you move in and set up on the same day? Side-by-side, time-stamped photos of your Type A superpowers will not surprise the folks who know you but will make them smile.
    new home door mat

    How do I style my home for a photo shoot?

    Choose a color palette for each room to create unity and harmony. Remove any unnecessary clutter and add fresh flowers and plants to bring life into the space. Use decorated accents such as pillows, throws, rugs, and artwork to give the rooms a unique style.

    Lastly, adjust lighting according to the desired mood of your photoshoot.

    family gallery wall new home photo ideas

    Final thoughts and ideas

    Moving into a new home is an exciting and momentous occasion that deserves to be documented with beautiful photos.

    With the right approach, you can create stunning images of your family enjoying their new space and tell the story of why they chose this particular house or city.

    From mirror reflection photography to recreating iconic TV show family photos, there are so many creative ways to capture these special moments.

    Be sure to document everyday life events like checking the mail and bring props with you like a bathrobe, dog leash, etc.

    The small details will make new home photoshoot ideas come to life.

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