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20 Over the Bed Wall Decor Ideas for Master bedroom, Teens, and Every Design Style!

Stumped on how to tackle that blank space? and need some unique over the bed wall decor ideas?

You’re not alone! It can feel overwhelming whether it’s deciding the size of the artwork, figuring out the best height for hanging, or choosing the right piece.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help! This blog post is your ultimate guide to mastering over the bed wall decor ideas for any bedroom—be it a teen’s colorful haven, a grand room with a king bed, or a chic modern loft.

After years in the new construction home design, I will cover styles from farmhouse to boho, and configurations for everything from high headboards to no headboards and even vaulted ceilings.

Ready to turn that dull wall into a stunning centerpiece? Let’s dive in and make your bedroom pop!

This post is all about over the bed wall decor ideas.

over the bed decor

Create a Boho Oasis

sunwoven roving wall hanging over bed

If your bedroom is boho, it likely features organic materials and rich textures, patterns, and colors.

Complement this laid-back style with boho over-the-bed wall decor, like a Sunwoven Roving wall hanging.

Add a stunning piece of artwork

abstract art over the bed

When choosing framed artwork over the bed wall decor, it’s about personal taste and defining your room’s overall design

Select prints that resonate with you and introduce new colors to refresh the space. Choose frames and mats that complement your decor.

Opt for two art pieces to balance the area or an oversized framed piece to create a luxurious vibe.

These choices enhance aesthetics and define the design theme, making your space unique and visually cohesive.

Couples photography over the bed wall decor

couples photography over the bed decor

Couples over the bed wall decor should resonate with the individuals who sleep beneath it.

The designer used black and white photography of the couple, enhancing elegance with a timeless look.

Adding to the personal touch, photographs depicting a shared passion—cruising in this instance—were included.

The collection, uniform in frame color but varied in size, is artfully arranged on a shelf for a cohesive, dynamic display.

Hang the hobby over the teenager’s bed

guitars over the bed

When searching for teen over-the-bed wall decor, consider, “Can I hang the hobby over the bed?” Often, the answer is yes.

In this teen bedroom guitars are hung over the bed, using affordable guitar wall mounts.

Additional teen decor ideas include surfboards, ice skates, and game-winning footballs as eye-catching over-the-bed decorations.

Wallpaper when there’s no headboard

wallpaper over the bed wall

If you’re exploring no headboard over the bed wall decor options, consider using wallpaper as a stylish and practical solution.

Wallpaper not only adds a pop of pattern and color but also works perfectly when there’s no headboard.

Wood trim in the design neatly hides uneven wallpaper edges, creating a seamless look across the wall in three sections. This approach ensures that the absence of a headboard goes unnoticed, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.

Stack stone for ultimate farmhouse vibes

river rock accent wall  farmhouse bedroom

This master bedroom perfectly embodies the essence of farmhouse over the bed wall decor.

The designer has created a timeless farmhouse vibe that withstands the test of time, featuring a striking stone wall over the bed.

This use of organic materials with rich textures provides a memorable wow factor, highlighting why this style remains a beloved choice for home design.

Hang a sheer curtain in a small apartment

sheer curtain in an apartment  over the bed

Apartment over-the-bed wall decor can be tricky, especially when you need easy-to-remove options that won’t damage walls.

As demonstrated in this bedroom, consider installing a long curtain rod to hang sheer curtains.

This method not only softens the drywall with a decorative touch but also ensures easy installation and removal. It’s perfect for renters aiming to personalize their space without permanent alterations.

Use a high headboard

high headboard over the bed

In the owner’s suite, a high headboard serves as the main over-the-bed decor, creating a striking focal point without needing extra embellishments.

Its dominant presence alone is sufficient to fill the space above the bed, beautifully exemplifying the ‘less is more’ principle.

In this master bedroom featuring a king bed, the high headboard commands attention on its own. To subtly enhance the setup, consider adding dramatic light fixtures, such as pendant lights, which complement without overwhelming the space.

This approach maintains a simple yet elegant decor, perfectly balancing functionality and style, ensuring the bedroom remains both sophisticated and inviting.

Make it modern

modern  drawing on floating ledge over the bed

Modern over-the-bed wall decor features a minimalist, uncluttered style with simple, sleek, straight lines.

The key is maintaining a clean, unfussy aesthetic that contributes to a serene and stylish ambiance.

In this black and white bedroom, the modern aesthetic is perfectly illustrated with a simple floating metal ledge.

This ledge gracefully displays a framed abstract silhouette drawing, adding an artistic touch without overwhelming the space.

This setup not only enhances the room’s modern design but also has a focal point that is both sophisticated and understated.

Movie-inspired decor for boy’s room

star wars over the bed wall decor

Boys’ over the bed wall decor can be a game-changer for little ones who are reluctant to sleep in their own beds.

Take their favorite themes, whether it’s Roblox, Star Wars, or Cocomelon, and use them to decorate the space above their bed.

Get creative with the placement and make it a centerpiece of their room.

This personalized touch not only brightens the room but also makes bedtime exciting, helping your little boy look forward to sleeping in his own space.

Let there be light

pendant lights over the bed

Lighting over the bed is becoming an increasingly popular wall decor choice.

In this example, multi-pendant light fixtures hang over the nightstands, perfectly framing the high headboard.

This setup effectively fills the blank wall space above the bed with visual interest created by the lighting, eliminating the need for additional decorations.

This approach not only provides functional lighting but also serves as a stylish, modern element that enhances the overall aesthetic of the room.

Paint accent wall for a minimalist vibe

dark gray accent wall over the bed

For all you minimalists who prefer not to have anything over the bed, I’ve got you covered.

Never underestimate the power of paint. An accent wall color over the bed can be all you need to your sleeping quarters.

There’s no need to overthink or overdo it.

In this master bedroom, a moody gray wall paint contrasts beautifully with the ivory headboard, creating a striking visual effect.

This straightforward approach provides a clean, stylish look that enhances your space without any clutter.

Hang a neon sign

neon sign over nursey crib

“I want to see your name in neon lights” charmingly translates to neon signs as over the bed wall decor.

Typically favored by adults or teens, it’s particularly sweet when adapted for a baby’s nursery. Imagine a delightful neon sign above the crib, a white cloud with the baby’s name illuminated inside.

This enchanting design element not only adds a whimsical touch but also creates a warm, gentle glow that enhances the cozy atmosphere of the nursery, making it perfect for a little one’s space.

Make it mid-century with cork

mid century cork wall decor over the bed

This mid-century modern bedroom pairs style with functionality, showcasing a high headboard and cork wallpaper.

The sleek, simple high headboard extends upward, enhancing vertical space and providing a striking visual anchor.

The cork wallpaper adds organic texture, highlighting the style’s focus on natural materials and elegance.

Together, these elements create a calming and stylish retreat that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

Add removable wall decals

floral wall decals over little girls bed

I created unique girls’ over-the-bed wall decor in my little girl’s room using removable floral decals and three-dimensional foam florals.

Pink and white petals adds a delightful burst of color and texture above the bed, creating a whimsical retreat.

This charming and playful decor makes it a special place that your little girl will love.

Make it grand for a king-size bed

king size bed wall decor

When you have a king-size, finding over-the-bed wall decor that matches the grandeur of your bed is essential.

In this guest bedroom example, the headboard extends wall-to-wall behind both the bed and the nightstands. Above the bed, five framed graphic prints span the width of the bed.

This arrangement not only visually fills the space but also accentuates the expansive size of the king bed.

This approach effectively ties the room together, enhancing both its aesthetics and the overall sense of grandeur.

Add warm wood tones for single men

wood paneling and mirror over bed

This men’s over-the-bed decor features a wood panel with vertical lines for a strong, masculine look.

Rectangular mirrors on each side enhance natural light and add space and openness.

The textured wood panel and mirrors create a balanced, stylish look for a modern man’s bedroom.

This decor serves as a visual focal point, adding refined elegance to the space.

Add a round mirror

round gold mirror over the bed

Adding a round mirror over the bed is a great way to soften the angular lines typically found in bedroom furniture.

The gentle curve of a round mirror introduces a softening element to the room’s decor. Bold, oversized round mirrors create a stunning focal point, enhancing any bedroom with their striking appearance

The mirror’s reflective nature brightens the space and makes small or narrow rooms appear larger and more open.

The design impact of a round mirror often outweighs that of its rectangular counterpart. Try both and see which style you prefer!

DIY Hot air ballon over the bed

hot air balloon over the bed

A similiar appliaction thats used to create a cornice board window treatment. In this case you will need a curved cornice board to create the half circle 3d effect.

Two contrasting velevt fabric of oyur choice with scalloped edging or half circle detail at the top. Use L brackets to secure to the wall and ceiling.

A carpetenter or window treatment fabricator can help you to duplicate this look.

Frequently asked questions above the bed wall decor

metal wall art and scone lighting over the bed

How do you decorate a large wall next to a bed?

Consider a large, wall-to-wall fabric headboard or a series of framed graphic prints that match the grandeur of the room.

What kind of artwork goes above bed?

Artwork that resonates personally, such as couples photography, modern drawings, or teen interests like guitars and sports memorabilia.

What is the 80% rule in art?

Generally, it’s about filling 80% of the designated art space to maintain visual balance.

How to arrange artwork above bed?

Art can be arranged symmetrically, like the series of framed prints above a king-size bed. Art can be centered over the bed as a single piece for a strong focal point.

How big should wall art be above bed?

Ideally, artwork should be proportionate to the bed size. Broad framed prints that span the width of a king-size bed.

Should you hang anything above bed?

Yes, options include personal artwork, functional lighting fixtures, and decorative mirrors that enhance the room’s style and functionality.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, starting your design strategy with a clear understanding of who will be sleeping beneath the decor is crucial.

Consider the scale and size relative to the bed size and room to ensure harmony and balance.

With these considerations in mind, you can confidently embark on your journey to find the perfect over-the-bed wall decor.

Decorating over the bed should enhance the space but also truly reflects the personality and tastes of its inhabitants.

Looking to further personalize your home? Don’t miss our detailed guide on over-the-toilet wall decor ideas. This often-overlooked space is ripe for creative expression, much like the area above your bed

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