grey kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas

15 Powerful Grey Kitchen Cabinet Backsplash Ideas

Finding grey kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas might be easier than one might assume!

Luckily, grey is a neutral color and can easily match any style of décor.

The Grey kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas offered in this post will work for modern, traditional, and everything in between – grey just works!

As you know, my background is in new home real estate and design, so I would be remiss if I didn’t share the return on investment you can expect for investing in a kitchen backsplash.

According to Trulia, adding a kitchen backsplash at the cost of $2000 or less is one of 7 best ways to boost the resale value of your home.

custom grey kitchen with marble backsplash

This blog post will explore the 15 best backsplash ideas for your grey cabinetry. Plus, some bonus tips on installation, grout colors, and wall paint suggestions that tie the look together.

From subtle monochromatic backsplash tiles to bold geometric patterns that will add a pop of color to gray cabinets, there is something here for everyone.

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So let’s see what fantastic options await regarding grey kitchen cabinet backsplashes!

1. White subway tile


White subway tiles date back to 1904, designed for the New York subways. The solid white backsplash tiles in 3×6 were installed in a running bond pattern with dark grout.

Fast forward to today, and you can find every imaginable redesign and a new take on the original subway tile everywhere.

This kitchen has grey shaker cabinets, cool blue undertones, and 3×12 rectangular white subway tiles. The subway tiles used in this design are slightly wavy, which adds a textural dimension that a flat subway would not.

Pro tip- The darker the grout color, the more pronounced the grout lines. Dark grey or black grout will highlight any imperfections in the edges of the tile and the tile installation.

2. Grey kitchen cabinets glass backsplash

grey kitchen cabinets glass backsplash

High-gloss flat-panel cabinetry is a staple in a modern kitchen design.

Subway tiles are incredibly versatile and can work well in any kitchen style.

To create a more contemporary backsplash using subway tile, try using thinner 1×6 tiles and more contemporary materials, like glass.

The transparent grey glass mimics the high-gloss shine of the grey kitchen cabinets. 

Monochromatic grey tones complement each other in this ultra-modern kitchen.

Pro tip– Tiles applied in a stacked horizontal pattern offer a more modern design aesthetic vs. installing the tile in a running bond or 50/50 offset, also known as a traditional brick pattern.

3. Grey kitchen cabinet white backsplash

gray kitchen cabinets white backsplash

The oversized print of this white tile backsplash really creates a beautiful artistic statement.

The traces of brown around the white tile mosaic perfectly tie back in the brown of the wood range hood, while the white tile background incorporates the white countertops.

This light grey kitchen cabinet backsplash demonstrates how you can incorporate a bold, eye-catching print tile while still allowing other elements in the kitchen space to have a design moment, such as the pendant light fixtures and wood hood.

4. Grey and white kitchen backsplash

grey and white kitchen backsplash

The interior designer added a grey and white tile backsplash in this kitchen with raised panel dark grey cabinets.

This is a timeless classic look that will always stay in style.

The grey veining in the marble subway tiles compliments the stainless steel appliances and the grey cabinetry.

While the white in the tile accentuates the white countertops.

This is a simple yet elegant approach to matching a backsplash to the other elements in the kitchen design.

5. Grey kitchen cabinets with brick backsplash

grey kitchen cabinets with brick backsplash

This beautiful kitchen has natural brown wood cabinets with grey undertones; a 3×6 tumbled marble brick backsplash was applied on all backsplash areas and above the upper cabinets to the ceiling.

Natural stone brick backsplash works well in a traditional kitchen, farmhouse, and rustic.

Pro tip- Tumbled brick and natural brick can stain with grease splatters, so you may want to consider coating of clear polyurethane sealant.

6. Full-height backsplash

full height backsplash

Full-height countertop backsplashes are trending.

Continuing the same countertop slab material up the wall gives the kitchen a seamless look and feel.

In this traditional-style kitchen, the light grey kitchen cabinets are paired with marble countertops and matching full-height slab backsplashes with various shades of green veining that highlight the grey cabinetry.

Traditional design is all about symmetry, and this kitchen delivers on that concept!

7. Live edge kitchen backsplash

living edge kitchen backsplash

The term live edge typically refers to unfinished edges of woodworking.

Unfinished tile edge backsplashes have become increasingly popular in kitchen design.

The backsplash tile appears to climb up the wall like an ivy plant giving it the live edge look.

This whimsical diamond-shaped tile in pale blues, greys, and white accentuates the warm grey kitchen cabinets and butcher block countertops.

A live edge backsplash is a great idea for grey kitchen cabinetry.

8. Grey kitchen cabinets with black backsplash

grey kitchen cabinets with black backsplash

Who says subway tile has to be white and boring?

In this kitchen, a light grey cabinet paired with “lagoon quartz” creates a soft neutral design look, then they added a bold textured 4×16 subway tile in black.

The bold color of this subway tile totally changed the look and feel of the kitchen, creating a stunning combination.

9. Herringbone backsplash ideas

light grey kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas

Herringbone patterns are created using 2×4 or 3×6 rectangular tiles. A herringbone pattern can work well for all design styles.

You can try a marble tile for a more traditional style kitchen with grey cabinets; for a modern farmhouse, you can use a more moody color like charcoal or black subway tiles. For a rustic feel, try brick or a wood-look tile.

10. Tile Backsplash

grey kitchen cabinets tile backsplash

Tile backsplash options are endless; there are hundreds of thousands of choices in today’s retail market.

The first thing you should do is take your countertops into account.

A solid countertop with little movement can allow for a bold or busy patterned backsplash.

While a granite countertop that has lots of movement and pattern would be better suited for a solid backsplash.

White shaker cabinets frame the perimeter of this kitchen, accented by gray cabinets on the kitchen island. A marble backsplash was a great choice.

The grey and white veining in the backsplash complements the two-tone white and grey custom cabinets.

This is a muted and subtle approach to a backsplash and allows the natural beauty of the wooden floor and marble to come through. In addition, the black pendant lights remain the kitchen’s focal point.

11. Mosaic tile

dark grey kitchen backsplash ideas

Mosaic tiles with 3 colors or more can create a gorgeous color scheme to incorporate with your surrounding dining area, and decor, like rugs, barstools, etc.

A mosaic tile backsplash can quickly liven things up if your all-grey kitchen falls flat.

Pro Tip: This tile is very patterned and sometimes busy, so I recommend pairing this backsplash design with a solid countertop.

A heavily patterned countertop such as granite can fight for attention with a colorful mosaic backsplash.

12. Arabesque tile

kitchen tile backsplash ideas with grey cabinets

Arabesque tiles were trendy in the 70s, and they are back!

The lantern pattern includes all the colors that work well with grey cabinets: beige, grey, tan, and white.

Notice how the backsplash ties in the grey countertops, the lighter grey cabinets, the gunmetal cabinet hardware, and the wood flooring.

The metallic and iridescent grey pieces add shimmer and shine to the kitchen and are an excellent choice for those seeking a little glam.

13. Beveled subway backsplash

Dark grey backsplash with light grey cabinets

2×4 brick beveled subway tile in charcoal grey offers the perfect contrast to light grey cabinetry.

14. Transparent Tiles

light gray kitchen backsplash ideas

Transparent backsplashes are great for modern kitchen design.

They add to the kitchen design without requiring the spotlight.

This backsplash is glossy, fashion-forward, and effortlessly contemporary.

15. Grey kitchen cabinet with blue backsplash

Grey kitchen cabinet with blue backsplash

Elevate the look of your dark gray kitchen cabinets with square Casablanca tiles.

Casablanca tiles are inspired by northern African motifs and medallions, and they are one of my favorite grey kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas.

Casablanca tile is a hand-crafted glazed tile in matte ceramic or porcelain. Casablanca tiles are perfect for a farmhouse, Spanish med, or rustic kitchen.

What wall color compliments gray cabinets?

Gray cabinets look great with light-colored walls such as white walls, off-white, beige, and pale gray. Accent colors such as navy blue, and green can also add a touch of contrast and visual interest.

Popular choice wall colors to consider for gray cabinets

Sherwin Williams- Pure White (white)

Sherwin Williams- First Star (pale grey)

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray ( darker grey)

Sherwin Williams City Loft ( beige)

Accent wall color for gray cabinets

Sherwin William Gale force ( Deep blue)

Sherwin Williams Rookwood dark green ( green)

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than cabinets?

 Generally, lighter backsplashes make a small kitchen look larger and brighter, while darker shades create a more dramatic contrast.

Pro Tip: Consider the lighting in your kitchen, too—natural light can make a dark gray backsplash more appealing. 

Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect look for your kitchen.

Consider other elements like countertops, wall color, and appliances when deciding on a backsplash color.

The key is to find a balance that complements the overall look of your kitchen.

What color backsplash would go with gray cabinets?

White, black, or grey all work well with gray cabinets. Neutral colors like beige and tan can be great options too.

For a bolder splash of color, add a bright blue or green backsplash!

Final thoughts and conclusion

blue backsplash with dark grey kitchen cabinets

When designing a kitchen with grey cabinets, there are plenty of options for backsplashes.

Feel free to go for a bold backsplash or a bit trendy. Kitchen backsplashes are your opportunity to have fun and tell the story of who lives in the home. 

Plus, backsplashes can be changed out easily when you want to freshen things up. 

You can choose from classic subway tile or something unique, like mosaic tiles or arabesque lanterns.

Additionally, you can opt for a neutral tone like white or beige to create a cohesive look or add contrast with bolder colors like blues and greens.

With careful consideration of color pairings, wall paint choices, and accent pieces, your dream kitchen design is within reach.

Remember to consider kitchen lighting when deciding on grey kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas.

Lets us know if you found the perfect backsplash for your grey kitchen cabinetry. Happy Decorating!

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