kitchen color ideas with brown cabinets

20 Stylish Kitchen Color Ideas with Brown Cabinets

Explore kitchen color ideas with brown cabinets to create an inviting, stylish space.

Let’s embark on a design journey to find the perfect color pairings that suit your taste and elevate your brown kitchen cabinet charm.

With brown cabinets as your versatile foundation, I’ll be drawing from design ideas and model home tactics used during my time as a new home design consultant.

From floors and two-tone cabinetry to backsplashes and countertops, I’ll share insights to help you create a beautifully balanced kitchen that reflects your unique style and incorporates brown kitchen cabinetry.

kitchen color ideas with brown cabinets

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What is the best color for a kitchen with brown cabinets?

When it comes to the best color for a kitchen with brown cabinets neutrals like white or gray create a timeless and visually appealing look that works beautifully with various design styles.

Pairing with neutrals

You know, pairing brown cabinets with neutrals is a timeless choice that really brings balance to your kitchen.

Neutrals like white, gray, or beige work wonder with brown cabinets, creating a clean, inviting, and stylish atmosphere.

Each shade adds its own unique touch, so you can experiment to find the perfect combination that speaks to your personal taste.

brown kitchen walls white cabinets


White is such a classic combo with brown cabinets, don’t you think? It’s like they were made for each other! The contrast between the two colors adds depth and makes your kitchen look fresh and bright.

And if you want to keep things interesting, you can always play with different shades of white or even introduce some subtle textures.

brown and white kitchen

In this stunning traditional kitchen two-tone dark brown cabinets elevate the island while crisp white cabinets embrace the Wolf range with its signature red knobs.

This kitchen has plenty of natural light but notice how additional lighting was added.

Pendant lighting over the sinks, sconce lights next to the windows, recessed lighting throughout the space, and under cabinet lighting.

If you need more ideas on how to layer in lighting in your kitchen space read my previous post on kitchen lighting ideas


Gray is another fantastic option that gives your brown kitchen cupboards a modern and sophisticated look.

It effortlessly complements various shades of brown.

Selecting a dark wood cabinet with greyish undertones offers a more custom look.

I like the use of the lighter wood hardwood flooring in this kitchen color scheme, this prevents the space from feeling too heavy.

One other note of mention on these brownish-gray kitchen cabinets is the designer’s use of oversized cabinet hardware. Once again giving the cabinets a higher-end appearance.

brown and grey kitchen cabients

Beige or Cream

Beige or cream offers a lovely alternative to white or gray. They give your kitchen a gentle, soothing earth-tone vibe that’s perfect for brown cabinets. Everything just comes together so nicely, creating a cozy and calming space.

In this kitchen design inspiration was taken from mother earth’s color combinations.

This is a small kitchen elevated and made larger by smart design choices.

The warm undertones in the creamy kitchen cabinet are highlighted by the bold color of the dark brown cabinets on the island. A solid white countertop was used to allow for a backsplash that has lots of movement.

Simple stainless steel hardware and appliances take a back seat to the bold look and focal point of concrete dome pendant lights.

beige and brown kitchen cabinets

What colors go with brown in the kitchen?

Colors that go well with brown in the kitchen include neutrals like white, gray, and beige, as well as complementary colors such as blue and green. Additionally, bolder options like yellow, red, or orange can create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Brown Kitchen Cabinets Color Schemes


Blue is such a fantastic color to pair with brown cabinets, offering a cool and calming effect.

Imagine a coastal-style kitchen with brown cabinets and a light blue backsplash, creating a beachy, relaxed vibe. Or picture a modern space where deep navy blue walls contrast beautifully with rich brown cabinetry.

This color combo shines in traditional and transitional designs too. The possibilities with blue and brown in the kitchen are truly endless!

blue kitchen walls with brown cabinets


Green is a fabulous option for brown cabinets, adding a touch of nature to your kitchen. Earthy tones like olive or sage green create a harmonious, calming space.

This blend brings a fresh room feel, making your kitchen truly inviting.

In the picture below a farmhouse kitchen with sage green cabinets and a dark brown kitchen island, creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Or envision a modern space with olive green walls that beautifully complement rich brown cabinetry.

This color duo works wonders in rustic or eco-friendly designs, where green accents enhance the natural charm of brown cabinets. It’s a match made in design heaven!

green and brown farmhouse kitchen cabinets

Pairing Brown Kitchen Cabinets with Bold Colors

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not pair brown cabinets with bold colors like yellow, red, or orange? These vibrant hues bring energy and excitement to your kitchen, turning it into a dynamic, lively space. It’s a creative twist that’s sure to make your kitchen stand out!


Orange has such an invigorating and stimulating effect when paired with brown cabinets. A kitchen with burnt orange walls creates a warm, earthy feel alongside the rich brown cabinetry. It’s cozy yet vibrant!

A kitchen space with terracotta accents, like a patterned backsplash or an eye-catching rug, adds depth and warmth to a kitchen with brown cabinets. The combination of orange and brown is a playful yet sophisticated way to make your kitchen come alive!

modern brown kitchen cabinet with orange accents

In this kitchen, brown cupboards serve as the foundation, while white glass uppers draw the eye upward.

Capitalizing on the abundant natural light, white countertops, and pale gray flooring elevate and brighten the space.

A surprising touch of bold color comes from the cheerful orange dining table and chairs, adding an extra layer of charm.

Brown Kitchen Cabinet Decor Ideas

As we dive deeper into kitchen color ideas with brown cabinets, we’ll explore adding color through accessories and accents like backsplashes, wall colors, countertops, and more.

Get ready to discover these exciting elements that will transform your brown cabinet kitchen into a personalized, one-of-a-kind space!

Brown Kitchen Cabinet Backsplash Ideas

brown kitchen cabinet with blue backsplash

Let’s spice up your brown kitchen cabinets with some fun backsplash ideas! How about a geometric tile pattern in shades of blue and gray?

Or a mosaic of glass tiles in earthy hues? For a touch of elegance, try a metallic tile backsplash in copper or bronze.

These unique ideas will add texture, depth, and personality to your kitchen. So let your creativity run wild and give your brown cabinets the backsplash they deserve!

White Backsplash

The chicken wire pendant lighting and beadboard detail on the kitchen island reveal this space as a farmhouse kitchen, showcasing the versatility of brown wooden cabinets. These light brown cabinets suit any design style, while the elegant white marble backsplash adds a touch of sophistication to the room.

brown kitchen cabinets white backsplash

Beige backsplash

A mosaic backsplash in earth tones can beautifully complement the richness of espresso shaker cabinets.

Pro tip- Using a solid countertop allows a patterned backsplash to shine without overwhelming the space.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different patterns and textures to find the perfect match for your cabinets!

brown kitchen cabinets beige backsplash

White Subway tiles

In this contemporary kitchen featuring dark brown cabinets, the designer skillfully incorporated modern elements for a chic look.

White quartz waterfall countertops, crisp white wall color, and white subway tiles come together beautifully.

Note the stacked horizontal pattern of the subway tiles, which further emphasizes the modern aesthetic.

brown kitchen cabinet white subway tile

Brown Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Ideas

Looking for the perfect countertop to pair with your brown kitchen cabinets?

There are so many fabulous options out there! Imagine a sleek marble countertop, adding elegance and charm to your space.

The beauty is in the details, and the right countertop can truly make your kitchen shine!

Marble Countertops

Combining marble countertops with brown cabinets infuses sophistication into any kitchen. Imagine luxurious Calacatta marble countertops elevating the warmth of deep brown cabinets, creating an opulent and inviting atmosphere.

White Countertops

Pairing white countertops with brown cabinets creates a clean, timeless look for any kitchen. Envision a space with crisp white quartz countertops complementing rich brown cabinetry, resulting in an elegant, classic design.

Black Countertops

It’s amazing how much visual impact neutral colors can provide! This kitchen features minimal color, with brown and cream slab panel cabinets, sleek stainless steel appliances as the sole metallic hardware, and a moody black countertop and full-height backsplash. This modern kitchen proves that style can be abundant even when sticking to a neutral palette.

modern brown cabinets black countertop

Granite Countertops

In this transitional kitchen, white shaker cabinets are beautifully warmed up by dark wood cabinets on the perimeter.

The stunning waterfall edge granite countertop blends modern and traditional elements seamlessly. To maintain the theme of mixing and matching, the designer skillfully incorporated mixed metals in chrome and matte black finishes.

brown kitchen cabineets with granite countertops

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors with Brown Cabinets

Choosing the perfect wall paint color for your brown cabinets is a breeze!

For dark cabinets, think light neutrals, cool blues, or bold deep colors.

With lighter cabinets, consider crisp whites, warm hues, or earthy tones.

Mix and match to create a delightful kitchen that showcases your personality and style!

brown kitchen cabinet color scheme ideas

Gray Walls Sherwin Williams

Gray wall paint is an excellent option for kitchens with brown wooden cabinets, offering a sleek, modern feel.

For a warm gray, try Sherwin-Williams most popular colors like Agreeable Gray or City Loft, while cooler options include First Star or Light French Gray.

These light gray paint colors beautifully complement light brown kitchen cabinets, elevating your kitchen’s atmosphere and charm.

Light gray wall paint softens the dark brown kitchen cabinets.

White Walls Benjamin Moore

If you’re thinking of pairing white walls with brown kitchen cabinets, Benjamin Moore has got you covered!

For a cool tone white, try Chantilly Lace – it’s crisp and clean, perfect for a modern look. But if you’re after a warm and cozy vibe, Swiss Coffee is the way to go.

It has a creamy undertone that will complement the richness of your brown cabinets. So which one will it be? It’s time to grab your paintbrush and let your walls do the talking!

Crisp white wall paint neutralizes an all-brown cabinet kitchen.

rustic brown kitchen cabinets

Rustic traditional design using copper accent pieces and tumbled marble subway tile.

Final Thoughts and Encouragement

Congratulations on making it through our discussion on kitchen color ideas with brown cabinets!

Research and inspiration photos can go a long way and I always encourage my buyers to do both before making final decisions. A popular website for design inspiration includes Houzz.

When it comes to kitchen color ideas with brown cabinets, consider a high-contrast look with a complementary color palette.

For example, pair dark brown cabinets with light countertops or a bold color combination like navy blue and white.

Remember to choose a brown kitchen color scheme that reflects your personal style and taste for a cozy and inviting vibe. Have fun exploring your options!

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