20 Best Above Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

When it comes to above kitchen sink lighting ideas, designing a functional and stylish kitchen involves more than just selecting the perfect countertop or cabinets.

The right lighting plays a crucial role in brightening up your workspace while adding a touch of elegance and charm to your culinary space. So don’t overlook this important aspect

A well-lit sink area ensures easy, comfortable tasks. Choose from various lighting types and styles for perfect ambiance and functionality.


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What kind of light goes above the kitchen sink?

A pendant light or wall sconce is an ideal choice for above the kitchen sink.

Pendant lights offer focused task lighting, perfect for dishwashing and other sink-related activities.

Wall sconces, on the other hand, provide both ambient and task lighting.

Both options cater to various kitchen styles, making them popular and versatile choices for homeowners.

What is the light above the kitchen sink called?

The light above the kitchen sink is often referred to as task lighting, as it provides focused illumination for sink-related activities.

Popular options for this area include pendant lights and wall sconces, which cater to various kitchen styles and enhance overall functionality.

In this guide, we will explore various lighting options, styles, and functionality to help you choose the best above kitchen sink lighting for your home.

20 Best Above Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are an excellent choice for above kitchen sink lighting, blending style and functionality.

These versatile fixtures hang from the ceiling, providing task lighting for dishwashing and other sink-related tasks.

With diverse designs, from sleek single pendants to striking multi-pendant arrangements, they adapt to various kitchen styles, making them a popular and attractive option for any home.

1. Concrete dome pendant lighting

concrete dome pendant

How big should pendant light be over kitchen sink?

The ideal pendant light size over a kitchen sink is determined by the sink’s width, with a general rule being that the fixture should measure approximately one-third of the sink’s width. Ensure it’s hung at a height that doesn’t obstruct the view or cause glare.

Bonus Tip: For instance, if the average width of an undermount single bowl kitchen sink is 30 inches, then the pendant light should measure approximately 10 inches (30 inches ÷ 3) in width to achieve a balanced and proportional look above the sink area.

2. Single pendant lights

Over sink lighting

White traditional raised-panel kitchen cabinets receive a modern upgrade with brass cabinet hardware and a single-light globe ceiling pendant, accentuated by a brass orbit finish.

This stunning designer light fixture, available at an affordable price from The Home Depot, elevates the space’s aesthetic appeal.

3. Multi-pendant lights

above sink pendant light

Geometric shapes hold a prominent position in mid-century modern décor.

The single-bowl kitchen sink is situated within the peninsula, while the eye-catching black and white cone-shaped pendant lights collaborate to form a distinct statement piece, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the modern kitchen space.


Wall sconces are becoming a popular trend for above-kitchen sink lighting, as more and more homeowners recognize their benefits. These wall lights are a great choice for those seeking style and functionality.

Serving as ambient and task lighting, sconces ensure adequate illumination for sink-related tasks while adding warmth to the space.

With a wide array of designs and finishes available, wall sconces cater to diverse kitchen styles, making them an increasingly sought-after option for modern homes.

4. Metal shade wall mount sconce

stainless steel sconces

Simple brushed nickel farmhouse made affordable at the Home Depot.

How high should a sconce be over a sink?

A sconce should be installed approximately 60 to 66 inches above the finished floor or 5 to 10 inches above the top edge of the sink.

The exact height may vary depending on the user’s height, the sink depth, and the specific sconce design to ensure optimal illumination without causing glare or obstructing the view.

5. Adjustable Swing arm wall sconce

swing arm sconce above kitchen sink

The modern farmhouse kitchen boasts a picturesque window that offers views of the backyard. It showcases a pristine white porcelain farmhouse sink and a sleek full-height quartz backsplash.

The designer has utilized the high ceiling to maximum effect by incorporating upper cabinets and adding two stunning brass swing arm wall sconces positioned above the sink area.

6. Wall Sconce

rustic above kitchen sink light

Bathed in natural sunlight, this sun-drenched kitchen is further enhanced by strategically placed accent lighting.

Three black sconces above large windows pair with a vintage chandelier, accentuating wood beam ceilings and floors.

Overflowing with rustic farmhouse charm, the thoughtful use of accent lighting adds another layer of allure to this inviting space.

Flush mount Kitchen Lighting

Flush mount lighting above the sink offers ample illumination, space-saving sleekness, and unobstructed views.

This low-profile lighting solution fits seamlessly into smaller kitchens or those with low ceilings.

These ceiling lights provide ambient and task lighting, ensuring well-lit, functional, and aesthetically appealing sink areas.

Flush mount vs. semi-flush mount lighting whats the difference?

Flush mount fixtures attach directly to the ceiling with no gap, offering a seamless and space-saving design, whereas semi-flush mount fixtures hang slightly below the ceiling with a short stem or rod, providing a small gap that allows for better light diffusion and a more decorative appearance.

7. Semi-flush mount lighting

flush mount kitchen lighting ov

Neutral kitchen with grey shaker cabinets, white quartz surfaces, and a brass sink faucet for added flair.

A three-bulb semi-flush mount light elevates the space, adding elegance and complementing the design.

8. Globe ceiling light fixture

farmhouse semi flush ceiling light

Farmhouse kitchen remodel uses natural, semi-flush, and recessed lighting for a bright, cheerful galley-style space.

Track Lighting

Track lighting above the kitchen sink offers a flexible and customizable lighting solution, particularly well-suited for kitchens with irregular layouts or larger workspaces.

With the ability to adjust individual fixtures along the track, homeowners can tailor illumination for sink-related tasks.

9. Linear track lights

Featuring clean lines, a neutral color palette, and minimal decorative embellishments, this quintessential modern industrial space is thoughtfully designed.

To maintain the theme, the designer selected simple linear track lights to illuminate dark corners and accentuate the concrete countertops without disrupting the cohesive aesthetic.

10. Flex track lighting

Flexible track lighting in the kitchen is a great way to illuminate various areas, such as cabinet lights, dining room tables, or even glass doors.

With the ability to accommodate different types of lights and bulbs, this versatile option offers customizable solutions for your space.

The Home Depot provides a range of affordable, high-quality flexible track lighting options that can help you create the perfect ambiance in your kitchen.

Statement lighting

Statement lighting over the kitchen sink can transform the area into an eye-catching focal point while providing essential task lighting.

Bold designs, unique materials, and striking shapes characterize these fixtures, offering an opportunity to express personal style and elevate the overall kitchen aesthetic.

11. Farmhouse light over kitchen sink

farmhouse light over kitchen sink

This kitchen radiates a distinctive farmhouse charm, with a striking statement lighting piece above the sink area that demands attention and serves as the room’s focal point.

The bold fixture, featuring eight over-sized pendant lamps attached to a custom-made wood beam, not only provides ample illumination for the kitchen and adjoining living room.

This fixture anchors the space with its captivating presence and distinctive style.

12. Modern luxury statement island lights

luxury kitchen island lighting

Amidst a monochromatic backdrop, classic aged brass dome pendants introduce a fusion of traditional and modern design elements to this sleek, contemporary kitchen.

Statement sink lights create a focal point with striking color contrast against black quartz countertops.

Recessed lighting in kitchen

Recessed kitchen lighting, also known as can lights, provides ambient lighting and a seamless, space-saving design.

These flush-mounted fixtures are installed directly into the ceiling, offering a clean and unobtrusive look.

With a dimmer switch, recessed lights offer adjustable illumination, perfect for various kitchen tasks and moods.

Where do recessed lights go over the kitchen sink?

Recessed lights should be placed 24-36 inches apart over the kitchen sink, ensuring even illumination for sink-related tasks.

Position them directly above the sink or slightly in front, taking into account the user’s height and the sink’s depth to prevent shadows.

13. Recessed lights above kitchen sink

recessed kitchen sink lighting

Most kitchens rely on recessed lights for ambient lighting, but this traditional farmhouse kitchen dares to be different.

With a delightful mix of natural light, under-cabinet lighting, sconce lighting, and yes, even recessed lighting, it’s a shining example of a well-lit and inviting space.

Natural lighting window over kitchen sink

Natural light from a window above the sink is a coveted design feature, found in older homes and reemerging in new builds.

This feature brightens daily tasks, enhances aesthetics, and boosts energy efficiency by reducing daytime artificial lighting needs.

What is the best window covering for a kitchen window over a sink?

Ideal kitchen sink window coverings blend function and style, such as faux wood blinds, vinyl rollers, cellular shades, or performance fabric roman shades.

These moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean choices provide privacy, light control, and durability, while adding texture and complementing various kitchen styles.

14. Picture window above kitchen sink

picture window above kitchen sink

Many homeowners seek to add color and contrast to an all-white kitchen through elements like backsplash and flooring.

However, this pristine white kitchen demonstrates that structural features, like an oversized picture window, can effectively enhance the space.

The large window, inviting greenery and sunlight, acts as a striking design element and light source for an all-white kitchen.

15. Window above kitchen sink curtains

window covering above kitchen sink

In a room dominated by solid surfaces, softening the window above the kitchen sink with a fabric window treatment, such as a roman shade, adds a touch of warmth.

Considering the kitchen’s susceptibility to spills and splashes, opt for a performance fabric that’s moisture-resistant and easy to clean. These shades offer privacy, light control, and a variety of prints and textures to suit any design style.

Kitchen Countertop Lamps

Kitchen countertop lamps, a growing trend I first saw was introduced by Shea McGee, bring warmth and a cozy ambiance to the heart of the home.

These lamps offer task lighting and serve as a unique design element, elevating countertop decor.

With the invention of rechargeable light bulbs, cords are no longer necessary, making it easier to introduce a table lamp into the wet space of a kitchen.

Can you put a lamp on the kitchen counter?

Yes, you can put a lamp on the kitchen counter, even near the sink area. Utilizing cordless, rechargeable light bulbs eliminates the need for cords, making it a safe and stylish option.

rechargeable light bulbs

16. Table lamp on kitchen counter

This kitchen expertly incorporates the various elements discussed in our above kitchen sink lighting ideas. A picture window above the sink is softened by fabric roman shades, while a brass flush mount light fixture over the sink coordinates seamlessly with the pendant lights over the island.

A brown table lamp, matching barstools, contrasts beautifully with white marble countertops, enhancing decor.

17. Small countertop lamp

small brass kitchen counter lamp

Adding a touch of brilliance to the prep sink area, a petite brass kitchen sink lamp sits confidently atop a quartz countertop, playfully echoing the brass-colored veining.

This clever cordless combination of form and function truly lights up the space.

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting brings a dash of brilliance to kitchen workspaces, cleverly hidden yet shining a spotlight on your culinary adventures. With targeted illumination for food prep and dishwashing, this design-savvy solution adds depth to your kitchen and keeps it delightfully bright. Say goodbye to dark corners and hello to a modern, well-lit cooking haven!

18. Battery Led lighting

under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great option for above kitchen sink lighting ideas.

Magnetic strips enable easy, non-hardwired installation for low-maintenance under-cabinet lighting.

In this clever setup, a kitchen sink nestled beneath upper cabinets basks in the glow of removable under cabinet lighting, making for a brilliantly versatile solution.

19. Strip lighting

floating shelf strip lighting

Are floating shelves adorning either side of your kitchen sink?

Install LED strip lights under shelves for an attractive accent lighting addition.

Not only do they enhance the area, but they also create a cool lighting vibe.

20. In-Cabinet Lighting

In-cabinet lighting is an excellent solution for showcasing your favorite dishes, glassware, or decorative items within your kitchen cabinets.

These discreet lights not only enhance the visual appeal of your cabinet interiors but also improve visibility, making it easier to locate items in dimly lit spaces.

Final thoughts and conclusion

In conclusion, a multitude of above kitchen sink lighting ideas exists to enhance your kitchen space, whether you have low or high ceilings.

From pendants to sconces, track lighting to recessed lights, and even countertop lamps, there’s an ideal solution for every kitchen.

As a rule of thumb, consider the optimal height for hanging sconces or pendants to ensure maximum functionality and visual appeal.

With the guidance of an interior designer or by exploring various sink light fixtures on your own, you can find the best kitchen lighting ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

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Last words of encouragement

As you embark on the journey to find the perfect above kitchen sink lighting ideas, don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine!

Explore various styles, embrace your inner designer, and remember: the best kitchen lighting is the one that makes you smile every time you flip the switch.

After all, a well-lit kitchen is a happy kitchen, and who doesn’t want to cook up some joy?

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