Best kitchen sinks with granite countertops

25 Best Kitchen Sinks with Granite Countertops 2023

Ah, the quest for the best kitchen sinks with granite countertops – that unassuming yet essential part of our daily lives, where we wash veggies, scrub dirty dishes, and detangle our daughter’s long curly hair (or is that just me?).

It’s high time we give this multitasking hero the spotlight it deserves.

I’ll do my best to keep this blog post witty since we’re discussing finding the best kitchen sinks with granite countertops not exactly the most entertaining of home design options.

I’ll help you navigate the world of kitchen sinks, specifically focusing on the best kitchen sinks for granite countertops.

Best Kitchen Sink With Granite Countertops

By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of sink durability, materials, configuration, styles, brands, and budgets, all tailored to complement your granite countertop.

Together we will discover the best kitchen sinks for granite countertops that above all suits your unique needs and design style!

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What is the best kitchen sinks for granite countertops?

The best kitchen sink for granite countertops is an under-mount sink made of stainless steel or composite materials, offering durability, easy maintenance, and seamless integration with the countertop’s aesthetics.

granite undermount stainless steel sink

Types of kitchen sinks for granite counters

There are several types of kitchen sink options for your granite countertops and we will explore them all.

Covering classic options like single basin (single bowl) and 50/50 double basin sinks.

Additionally, we’ll delve into vintage throwbacks like farmhouse sinks and modern alternatives such as granite composite sinks to suit different styles and preferences.

1. Drop-In Sink

Drop-in kitchen sinks, or top-mount sinks, are like that easygoing, no-fuss friend who’s always there when you need them. Sitting comfortably on top of your countertop, with their noticeable edge keeping things very casual.

While they have a reputation for being budget-friendly and simple to install, overmount sinks might not be the dream companion for your granite countertops.

Their visible lip could turn into a crumb magnet and interfere with that seamless look you want.

overmount kitchen sink

2. Undermount Sink

Undermount kitchen sinks are installed beneath the countertop, offering a seamless transition from the countertop surface to the sink.

They are by far the most popular choice in my new home design appointments for their modern look, easy cleaning, and clutter-free workspace. However, professional installation is typically required for a perfect fit.

granite island undermount kitchen sink

3. Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks, aka apron-front sinks, are the rustic charmers of the kitchen world. They boast deep basins and exposed fronts, adding a dash of nostalgia to your culinary space.

For granite countertop lovers, keep in mind a few things: custom installation, potential extra support, and material compatibility; but more about materials later.

stainless apron sink with granite countertops

Farmhouse sinks carry a very distinctive style and requires in my opinion a faucet that reflects its unique shape and size.

I wrote a blog post on the best faucets for farmhouse kitchen sinks should you need some inspiration photos and ideas.

My stainless steel apron sink style experience

The above photo is my kitchen sink and I do love it, but scratches do occur, I’m able to remove stains with CLR easily.

I can still fit my 8-year-old daughter in here to detangle her hair so it is a deep sink with lots of extra space, yet still offering that sleek look. It’s one of the best under mount kitchen sinks I’ve come across.

4. Double Basin Sink

Double basin sinks, or double bowl sinks, are like having a dynamic duo in your kitchen, each equipped with its own drain.

They’re great for multitasking, but admittedly, double sinks are not the star of the show in my design studio. Most buyers seem to favor the single-bowl sink option.

If you’re considering flipping or renting your house, you might want to play it safe and opt for a single bowl sink to appeal to the masses.

But for those who march to the beat of their own drum, 50/50 sinks can be paired with granite countertops.

Pro-Tip- Think ahead of which side of your double bowl sink you will want the garbage disposal installed.

double basin sink

5. Offset Double Basin Sink

The 60/40 offset double basin sink brings a practical vibe to your kitchen, featuring one generously-sized basin for major dishwashing endeavors and a smaller counterpart for rinsing or prepping.

If you’re selling or flipping a home, knowing your audience is crucial. With over 8 years of experience in new home design appointments, I’ve found that the 60/40 sink, while still a distant second to the single bowl sink, is most commonly chosen by those in 55+ active adult communities.

offset double basin sink granite countertops

6. Single Basin Sink

Undermount single basin sinks are by far the most popular sink choice. It allows the homeowner to fill up large pots thanks to the nice deep basin.

The Kohler stainless steel single basin sink was one of the most popular choices in my design studio, regardless if the client was installing new granite countertops, natural stone countertops, or quartz countertops this sink was a crowd favorite.

single bowl sink with granite countertops

7. Integrated Seamless Sink

Integrated seamless sinks, unite with your countertop in one harmonious piece, offering a sleek and modern look. With no seams to spoil the party, making cleaning is a breeze.

Buyers beware that creating an integrated seamless sink from granite can be more complex and costly compared to a solid surface or engineered stone alternatives.

Prices for these beauties can range significantly, with solid surface options starting from around $500 and granite sink soaring even higher.

8. Trough Sink

Trough sinks, originally inspired by large, elongated basins used for communal handwashing or livestock watering, have now made their way into modern kitchens as a trendy and functional design choice.

Unlike integrated sinks, which seamlessly merge with the countertop, trough sinks are distinct fixtures, often featuring a long, narrow shape with one or multiple faucets.

While trough sinks are more commonly seen gracing bathrooms, this trend is gaining momentum in kitchen islands too.

These versatile sinks are stepping up their game by doubling as built-in ice chests, perfect for chilling champagne or keeping that shrimp cocktail cold.

Talk about a stylish and functional conversation starter at your next dinner party

9. Drain Board Sink

A drainboard sink is the unsung hero of practical kitchen design, sporting a clever integrated sloped drainboard beside the sink basin.

Say goodbye to countertop clutter and hello to effortless dish draining and produce drying!

These handy sinks play nice with granite countertops, shielding your precious surface from water damage and unsightly stains.

See the latest technology in drainboard sinks

Ruvati 33-inch Workstation Ledge Kitchen Sink

Best Kitchen Sink Materials with granite countertops

Alright, let’s chat about kitchen sink materials. We’ll cover popular options like stainless steel, fire clay, and granite composite, giving you the inside scoop on their pros and cons. Get ready to make an informed choice for your granite countertops!

What does gauge matter in kitchen sinks?

The gauge of a kitchen sink refers to the thickness of the metal used in its construction. Gauge matters because it affects the durability, strength, and noise level of the sink.

Pro tip Lower gauge numbers indicate thicker metal (such as 16-gauge) and offer better resistance to dents, scratches, and noise. Higher gauge numbers (like 22 gauge) signify thinner metal and may be more prone to dents and noise.

Generally, a lower gauge sink is considered better quality and more desirable, but it also tends to be more expensive.

10. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are popular for their durability and affordability, making them a great match for granite countertops. This is the most common sink material as it can take on most busy kitchens with maximum durability.

However, they can scratch easily and might be a bit noisy but most sinks now come with SoundGuard undercoating. SoundGuard is a protective layer applied to the underside of the sink to reduce noise and boost thermal insulation.

Just remember, every material has its trade-offs, so weigh the pros and cons before making your choice!

stainless steel sinks for granite countertops

Stainless steel is one of the best kitchen sinks for granite countertops.

11. Fireclay Sink

Fireclay material, primarily found in farmhouse and apron sink styles, is a favorite of Joanna Gaines, who has one in her kitchen.

These sinks, made from clay fired at high temperatures, boast a durable, chip and crack-resistant design that’s both classic and easy to clean.

While pricier than stainless steel, fireclay sinks are worth the investment, as every buyer I’ve assisted has been thrilled with their splurge.

fireclay farmhouse sink with granite countertops

fireclay kitchen sink 33 inches

12. Granite Composite Sink

Have you heard about granite composite sinks?

We’ve recently added them to our design studio lineup, and I’ve noticed that many clients aren’t yet familiar with the concept, so let me give you the lowdown.

Granite composite sinks comprise 80% natural granite and 20% acrylic resins, forming a super durable and low-maintenance sink option.

Just like your granite countertops, composite granite sinks are scratch, stain, and heat resistant, while the acrylic resin adds beauty with a range of sleek and modern colors like black, charcoal, beige, brown, and gray.

I’ll be honest, they’re pricier than stainless steel sinks, but for just a few hundred dollars more, you get a far more durable product.

If the budget allows, I recommend them, and my clients have found it to be totally worth it.

SILGRANIT granite composite sink

13. Copper sink

Considering a rustic or farmhouse kitchen design with granite countertops?

A copper sink might be perfect for you! They’re full of warmth and character, which only increases as the copper develops a patina over time.

Plus, copper is antimicrobial. The catch? Well, they’re 2-3 times pricier than stainless steel, but they make for an absolutely stunning focal point!

I’m loving the black textured leathered granite countertop with the hammered copper apron sink; yummy texture on texture.

14. Enamel cast iron

Did you know cast iron sinks have been around since the 1800s?

They’re made by coating heavy cast iron with a layer of porcelain enamel. When paired with granite countertops, they offer a timeless look.

Though pricier than stainless steel (think 2-3 times more), their durability and charm might just win you over!

hmmm….sounds too good to be true? well, there are a few drawbacks, these sinks can be very heavy and will need some additional support. In addition, they are prone to chipping and cracking which can lead to rusting.

Come to think of it, I can remember seeing chips and rust in my granny’s cast iron porcelain sink.

so if you are anything like me, your asking……

cast iron sink granite countertps

What is the difference between enameled cast iron and a fireclay sink?

Enameled cast iron sinks, with their durability, weight, and glossy finish, come in various colors and resist stains and chipping. However, the enamel may wear down, causing rust.

Fireclay sinks, on the other hand, resist scratches, stains, and heat, have a matte finish, and are often found in farmhouse styles. They can be more brittle and prone to chipping or cracking.

Ultimately, both sinks are great options for your kitchen, depending on your personal preferences and design goals.

15. Brass

Brass is currently a hot trend, and my clients love this unique gold hue for various elements in home design, particularly the kitchen.

From cabinet hardware and faucets to pendant light fixtures and appliance accents, bronze is making a statement everywhere, including the kitchen sink itself.

I received an email from a buyer just last month, asking if we could consider a brass kitchen sink. I’ll share with you what I told her.

Hi Maddie, 

You sure have an eye for style!

Brass is all the rage right now, and it makes a bold statement.

Now, before we dive headfirst into brass kitchen sink waters, there are a few things I should mention. 

While your countertops and brass sink will look like a match made in heaven, you might need to flex those arm muscles a bit. 

Brass sinks can be fingerprint and tarnish magnets, so be prepared for a little elbow grease to keep it gleaming.

Don't worry, though. I know you're a clean-as-you-go kind of person, so it's nothing you can't handle.

Just remember, beauty sometimes comes at a price (both literally and figuratively). 

Brass sinks might set you back a few more bucks than other options we previously, but hey, we all deserve a bit of luxury, right?

If you're still on board with the brass sink, let's chat further about cost and start gathering inspiration design photos you like best!

16. Granite Sink

I totally get the appeal of an all-granite sink; that smooth flow from the countertop to the sink area has such a high-end feel. But there are some things to consider, like the maintenance. Granite’s a natural stone, so sealing is a must.

Be gentle with your granite sink – tossing heavy cookware could cause chips or cracks. Think about your family’s habits before going all in. And don’t forget, there’s the weight and cost factor to consider too.

17. Quartz Composite Sink

Many people are discovering the benefits of quartz composite sinks, which can beautifully enhance granite countertops.

These sinks are crafted from a combination of natural quartz and acrylic resins, resulting in a strong and effortless-to-care-for surface.

Quartz composite sinks have a striking resemblance to granite composite sinks, but they have a more consistent appearance, resulting in a modern and sophisticated look. It’s not about superiority, but rather an individual’s preference.

Regarding price, granite composite, and quartz composite sinks are generally in the same ballpark.

granite composite sink with granite countertop

18. Porcelain Vitreous China

Alright, let’s talk porcelain sinks. I get it, porcelain sinks have their perks – they’re relatively affordable on the price scale, and a breeze to clean with their smooth, non-porous surface.

Not to mention porcelain sinks also known as vitreous china is undoubtedly charming with their vintage throw-back vibes plus they look fantastic with granite slabs.

They’re lovely in bathrooms because they’re less exposed to heavy pots and pans, unlike in a kitchen. Fireclay is their more durable cousin, better suited for kitchen wear and tear.

It’s important to remember that their delicate nature makes them a gamble. If you’re still determined to get a porcelain sink, American Standard has options, but be cautious – you’re treading risky waters!

vitreous china kitchen sink

Kitchen Sink Cost Comparison

The costs of kitchen sinks can vary greatly depending on the material, with stainless steel and porcelain being the most budget-friendly options.

For those looking to splurge, brass and granite sinks offer a luxurious touch and a higher price point.

  1. Stainless Steel: $100 – $800
  2. Porcelain/Vitreous China: $200 – $1,200
  3. Granite Composite: $250 – $1,000
  4. Cast Iron: $300 – $1,500
  5. Quartz Composite: $300 – $1,200
  6. Fireclay: $400 – $2,000
  7. Copper: $500 – $2,500
  8. Granite: $500 – $3,000
  9. Brass: $1,000 – $4,000

Top Kitchen Sink Manufacturers Best Sellers

19. Kohler

The Kohler Whitehaven farmhouse sink has been a top seller for Kohler due to its durability, timeless design, and versatility in fitting various kitchen styles. Made of enameled cast iron, this sink boasts a spacious single basin with a sloped bottom that aids in efficient drainage. It is offered in a range of sizes and colors to meet the diverse preferences of kitchen owners.

Kohler whitehaven farmhouse sink

20. Blanco

If you’re looking for a high-quality kitchen sink, Blanco’s Performa Cascade Super Single Bowl is one of the best options available. This sink is crafted from durable granite composite material, ensuring its longevity and resilience.

This sink is known for its durability, low maintenance, and stylish appeal. It features a unique design with an integrated second level for drying dishes and a sliding cutting board, making it highly functional.

Blanco performa cascade silgranit

21. Ruvati

The Ruvati RVH8300 Roma Workstation Ledge is undeniably one of the most sought-after kitchen sinks from Ruvati. It is an under-mount stainless steel sink that comes with a built-in accessories ledge for added convenience.

This unique feature allows you to easily integrate custom accessories like a cutting board, colander, or roll-up rack, enabling you to optimize your kitchen tasks and enhance efficiency.

Ruvati 8300

22. Moen

The Moen 2200 Series stainless steel sink is tough, low-cost, and easy to clean. It comes in various sizes and installation options, making it a versatile choice for any kitchen.

Moen 2200 drop in sink

23. Elkay

The Elkay Crosstown™ sink series is a practical and stylish choice for your kitchen. It comes in different sizes and configurations and can be installed as an under-mount or drop-in sink.

Made from durable 18-gauge stainless steel, it has a polished finish and tight-radius corners that are easy to clean.

The sound-deadening pads reduce noise during use, making it perfect for homeowners who want a peaceful kitchen.

24. Franke

The Franke Gravity 33-inch single-bowl kitchen sink is a popular choice due to its durable granite and acrylic construction, heat resistance, and efficient curved bottom for drainage. It comes in a variety of colors to complement any kitchen style.

Franke Gravity Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink.

25. Kraus

Kraus offers high-quality and affordable kitchen sinks, including their popular Standart PRO™ Series under-mount, single-bowl sink made of durable stainless steel. It has a satin finish, rounded corners for easy cleaning, and a soundproofing system for quiet use. Available in multiple sizes.

Kraus standart pro series

Final thoughts and encouragement

Alright, so we’ve had a blast chatting about the best kitchen sinks for your granite countertops. I hope I have answered all your questions, cleared up any confusion, and helped you feel confident about making a decision.

Remember, it’s all about finding the perfect sink that matches your style, budget, and lifestyle! Now, don’t leave me hanging—share your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s keep this friendly conversation going, and tell me which sink caught your eye or if you have any lingering questions. Happy sink shopping!

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