what color hardware for white kitchen cabinets

What color hardware for white kitchen cabinets (2023)

What color hardware for white kitchen cabinets? That’s the million-dollar question, and it’s a great question.

After all, white kitchen cabinetry is versatile and can be used in any kitchen style; with white being a neutral color, it’s easy to see why people can get overwhelmed with all the finish options.

Hardware defines the kitchen design and allows the homeowner to personalize their space.

what color hardware for white kitchen cabinets

This post will discuss what color hardware finishes are best for white kitchen cabinets.

We will explore timeless classics like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze to some new cabinet hardware trends like aged brass and matte black.

I will offer as many ideas, kitchen design inspiration, and white kitchen cabinet hardware photos as possible until your creative juices are flowing and you unleash that inner decorator.

Now let’s get started. We have lots of ground to cover.

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white kitchen cabinets with chrome hardware

Chrome pulls on white cabinetry can give your kitchen a more modern look.

Keep in mind that chrome has a high-shine finish. Chrome can show fingerprints but shouldn’t rust.

Chrome hardware has blue undertones and can be paired well with black and gold.

chrome bar pulls

Modern kitchen design is simple with clean lines; modern design does not get very ornate, so when selecting chrome pulls, reach for a simple design that is not overly fussy.

White kitchen cabinets with black hardware

white kitchen cabinets with black hardware

Black has been becoming increasingly popular for many years now. I have seen black cabinet hardware replace oil-rubbed bronze options in my new home design appointments.

Black is an excellent contrast against white cabinets; black hardware can be a great choice if you want to make your white cabinets pop.

You can choose a matte black finish in black kitchen cabinet hardware options, most often seen in modern farmhouses and contemporary kitchen designs.

Shaker cabinets are the most popular style of kitchen cabinet door design. Check out my post on shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas. 

In this kitchen, the black kitchen drawer pulls in a matte finish and creates a cohesive look with the black quartz countertops.

black kithcen hardware pulls

White cabinets with gold hardware

white kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

I first heard my new homebuyers requesting gold hardware and faucets in 2018, and the gold rush continued.

Designers and homebuyers love adding that unique pop of color and contrast to white kitchen cabinets and mixing the gold metal finish with matte black and even chrome.

The designer created a high-end look of mixed metals and finishes in this kitchen.

White kitchen cabinetry accented with warmer wood tones, accentuated with coordinating gold pulls on cabinet doors and drawers.

modern gold cabinet pull

Pro tip—- In the above kitchen photo, the gold cabinet hardware has bright yellow undertones. In contrast, the brass faucet and pot filler has warmer tones.

Be careful that gold and brass have different finishes, and people will mistakenly use the two terms interchangeably. 

More about brass finishes later.



Copper hardware on crisp white kitchen cabinets creates a stunning contrast between the two colors, allowing for a unique and eye-catching design.

The antique copper finish has a beautiful patina. It adds a classic antique feel to the room, while polished copper gives it a more modern and sophisticated look.

brushed copper hardware pulls

Copper hardware is also durable and has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for kitchens.


what color hardware for off white kitchen cabinets
Brass cabinet hardware on off-white kitchen cabinets

Real brass kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the most expensive options because brass is made almost entirely of copper.

The look of brass is unique and unmistakable, adding the perfect gold tone to the kitchen without the yellow undertones found in gold.

Brass hardware comes in various finishes, like unlacquered, satin, antique, and polished brass.

brass backplate cup pulls

Brass hardware is one of the most popular choices today and will transform the look of your kitchen into a timeless classic. Brass is a great accent color for a white backdrop.

Polished Nickel

white kitchen cabinets with polished nickel hardware

Polished nickel hardware is the perfect addition to white kitchen cabinets and creates a subtle yet sophisticated look.

polished nickel cabinet knob

The warm undertones of polished nickel pair nicely with whites, adding depth and texture to traditional and transitional styles. Chrome can be pretty stark, lending itself better to modern and contemporary spaces.

polished nickel bin pull

While both finishes have their benefits, polished nickel on white kitchen cabinets tends to have gold undertones that look and feel more high-end.

Oil rubbed bronze

white kitchen cabinets oil rubbed bronze hardware

Oil-rubbed bronze is a timeless classic, and although it’s not nearly as popular as it once was, it still works well with black and brown finishes.

Oil-rubbed bronze is an excellent choice with traditional, transitional, farmhouse, and rustic kitchen designs.

How could I not recommend oil-rubbed bronze when answering the question; What color hardware is for white kitchen cabinets, especially when the goal is to warm up a white kitchen?

In this traditional kitchen design, the interior designer kept everything light and bright, White shaker cabinets paired with marble countertops and backsplash.

oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls

Oil-rubbed bronze hardware was used to introduce contrast and tie in the dark hardwood flooring.

White kitchen cabinets with brushed nickel hardware

white kitchen cabinets with brushed nickle hardware

Brushed nickel was the most selected finish choice in white kitchens for years.

My design customers reached for it because it coordinated well with the stainless steel appliances and the faucet.

Still, brushed nickel is less prevalent with the emergence of mixed metals.
Homebuyers today are more willing to take risks and not play it safe.

modern satin nickel cabinet pull

Brushed nickel is perfect if you want a timeless look that will stand the test of time.

If you plan to sell, flip or stage a home, satin nickel is a fine finish for most prospective buyers and design styles.

In this white kitchen classic satin nickel finish is paired with cup pulls on the drawers and round cabinet knobs on the doors.

White kitchen cabinet hardware ideas farmhouse

Brass, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black cabinet hardware are perfect for white kitchen cabinets in farmhouse design.

Farmhouse kitchens continue to grow in popularity; adding modern light fixtures and modern-style hardware keeps farmhouse design current and fresh.

what color fixtures for a white kitchen
brushed gold cabinet pulls

What color pulls look best on white kitchen cabinets?

Black, Brass, and Silver are the best color handles for white kitchen cabinets.

What color hardware is timeless?

Nickel, either brushed or satin, is a classic and timeless hardware choice that appeals to the masses.

What color hardware is in style in 2023?

Brass remains a crowd favorite. Unlacquered brass is an excellent choice.

Should my kitchen cabinet pull match my faucet?

Kitchen trends are leaning towards mixed metals. Mixing up to two contrasting metals in one space will provide contrast and visual interest.

How can I make my white kitchen look warmer?

  • Mix two contrasting metals like gold and brass, chrome and gold, and black and stainless
  • Combine different textures like wood flooring with glass or tumbled stone backsplash
  • Paint the Island an accent color like black, navy blue, or green.
  • Add textured accessories like barstools, rugs, pendant lights, and floral botanicals.
  • Paint the walls in a warm neutral color

How do you elevate an all-white kitchen?

  • Add a contrasting color to the kitchen island with natural wood tones or contrast paint like black or navy.
  • Use contrast cabinet hardware finishes like gold, brass, or black
  • Go bold with the kitchen faucet and make it a focal point.
  • Invest in stunning pendant lighting.
  • Replace side cabinets with floating open shelves.
  • Replace over-head microwaves with a statement hood.
  • Splurge on a high-end backsplash like marble or full-height countertop backsplash.
  • Replace white appliances with stainless steel or other metal finish

White kitchen cabinet hardware ideas modern

modern white cabinet pulls

White shaker cabinets are paired with gold bar pulls on the cabinet door and drawers in this kitchen. The waterfall-edge quartz countertop and the kitchen island’s black contrast help to define this kitchen’s modern design style.

modern edge pull
Buy on

If you haven’t already, read my previous post on contemporary kitchen cabinets.

I go over what defines modern kitchen cabinet design and tips on ensuring your kitchen selection decision has a more contemporary flair.

brass hexagon knob

Final thoughts and conclusion

Black kitchen hardware

White kitchen cabinets are a classic and timeless look that can be easily enhanced with thoughtful design execution.

I spoke a lot about mixing metals in the kitchen and combining textures to add warmth to an all-white kitchen; read more about how Moen Faucets is adding teak wood detail to their new line of kitchen faucets in an effort to warm up modern kitchen design.

The most important thing to remember when selecting hardware for white cabinets is that white is a neutral canvas, and you have many finish options.

matte black farmhouse pulls

Be sure to consider your overall design style and the functionality needs of the homeowner.

Feel free to mix it up. After all, experimentation is part of the fun!

Cheers to discovering what color hardware is best for white kitchen cabinets; make sure the selection is full of character and your personality.

Happy designing!

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