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20 Best Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

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So you decided to go with shaker cabinets, and now you need shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas?

I have some ideas to help you decide which cabinet hardware best complements your shaker-style kitchen.

The shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas presented here are the same ideas I share with my homeowners in their new home design appointment.

We will consider everything from other metals in the kitchen to your overall kitchen design, personal preference, durability, and functionality.

This post is all about shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.

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White shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

white shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

Satin nickel cabinet pull

Let me begin by congratulating you on selecting the shaker kitchen cabinet.

Are shaker cabinets still in style?

According to Houzz, shaker-style doors continue to be the most popular and most often selected kitchen cabinet design above any other.

This is good news for those always considering resale value; you can rest assured that anyone looking to purchase your home will be satisfied, if not ecstatic, to walk in and see shaker kitchen cabinetry.

The five pieces flat panel design of the shaker cabinet door has clean lines and can work well in modern homes, rustic, or deeply traditional.

Color schemes offer endless possibilities, and cabinet handles can be easily switched out to accommodate any homeowner’s preferred kitchen look.

White shaker kitchen cabinet with black hardware

white shaker kitchen cabinet black hardwrae

White Shaker kitchen cabinets with black arch pull handles create an excellent contrast for those who want a modern look or a farmhouse vibe.

White shaker kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

Gold handle pulls

The gold hardware on this white shaker kitchen provides a pop of color against the white backsplash and countertops.

This gold kitchen hardware matches the faucet, but notice the mixing of metals with the pendant light fixtures and stainless steel appliances.

Gold and matte black hardware mix well together.

This a friendly reminder that mixing metals is perfectly acceptable in the kitchen space.

White shaker kitchen cabinets with brushed nickel hardware

white shaker kitchen cabinets with brushed nickel hardware

Square nickel cabinet knobs

The most traditional way to mix knobs and pulls is to put knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers.

Although a traditional application, the hardware in this photo has a contemporary look with the faceted square knob and backing.

Notice how the drawer pulls have a matching square surface mount.

The nickel knobs and nickel hardware coordinate with the stainless steel appliances and the brushed nickel interior door hardware.

Hardware does not need to be matchy-matchy, but there’s nothing wrong with a clean and cohesive aesthetic throughout the home…..A classic look!

White shaker kitchen cabinets with bronze hardware

The shaker cabinets in this kitchen have a more traditional feel; given the hood’s design, the legs on the kitchen island, the light fixtures, and the bar stools all lend themselves to a classic traditional feel.

The bronze pulls in this kitchen are smaller and more modest; the interior designer kept all the metals the same, including the appliance pulls, light fixtures, and faucets.

White shaker kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

Aged Bronze Appliance Pulls

Modern farmhouse kitchen with white shaker cabinets.
A large brass appliance pulls on the pantry door matching the fridge panel hardware.

Mixed metals using matte black on the faucet, pendant light fixtures, and built-in breakfast banquet.

This shaker kitchen does a great job of creating a modern farmhouse look.

Modern Shaker Cabinet Hardware

modern shaker cabinet hardware

Black and Gold Cabinet Pulls

Two-tone cabinet hardware is increasing in popularity. This white shaker kitchen has a modern farmhouse feel, using center-to-center black and crisp gold pulls.

The gold accents beautifully uplift the geometric shape of the handle.

Notice how the kitchen faucet is in lockstep with the hardware.

Modern Shaker Kitchen Handles

modern shaker kitchen handles

Bronze finger pulls

Whimsical bronze finger pulls on black shaker cabinets.

This is perfect for a minimalist look that still feels fresh and modern.

Geometric shapes play a significant role in creating contemporary kitchen design.

This bronze pull incorporates geometry into the shaker-style doors.

You can read more about contemporary kitchen design elements in my previous post.

Tubular bar pulls on shaker cabinets

Tubular bar pulls on shaker cabinets

Wavy cabinet drawer pulls

Wavy center-to-center cabinet doors can offer a playful perspective to the shaker-style kitchen cabinet.

A hammered texture can still offer sophistication, while the wavy design keeps the design light-hearted.

Knurled cabinet pull with backplate

knurled cabinet hardware

Knurled kitchen cabinet hardware has a contemporary flare that adds a unique modern industrial accent to your shaker kitchen cabinets. The name knurl comes from the tiny ridges and knot texture given to the knob.

Pro tip: Add a backplate to your knurl knob for a bolder transitional statement.

Shaker cabinets with finger pull

shaker kitchen cabinets with finger pulls

Solid brass finger pull

A simple finger pull can do the trick if you are searching for a simple design that does not tie you down to any design style.

Nothing will get caught in your pants pocket as you walk by. Just a simple and functional pull for your shaker-style doors and drawers.

Farmhouse shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

farmhouse shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

Crystal cabinet knob

The interior designer chooses white cabinets and a coastal blue island in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Pro tip- two-tone kitchen cabinetry makes smaller kitchens appear larger.

On the cabinet doors, they used a simple knob nickel hardware; then, the drawer fronts have nickel cup pulls.

Small details can significantly impact; notice the glass knobs used for the kitchen island cabinet doors.

That’s a great choice for the blue cabinetry.

Icebox latches and hinges

icebox latch

Ice boxes have a long history dating back to the 1800s. Cabinet maker Thomas Moore invented the ice box to transport butter.

Oak cabinet iceboxes were outfitted with oversized side latches and hinges with interior zinc shelving.

This antique vintage look has been made new and is a must-have design element for those wanting high-end custom cabinetry.

The oversized exposed hinges look great on the pantry, appliance panels, and cabinet doors. These hinges will drive home the authentic look of an antique and add a vintage feel to a modern kitchen.

Today’s style can be found in more modern shapes, and metal finishes like polished nickel, which adds a glamorous vibe, or brass, highlighting neutral color cabinetry.

Shaker kitchen cabinet drawer pulls hardware ideas

shaker kitchen cabinet drawer pulls hardware ideas

Pewter Drawer Pull with Square Feet

Unlike bar pulls, anchored center-to-center wire pulls, as seen here, are screwed into the cabinets at the end.

If you have ever lived in a home with bar pulls on the cabinet drawer, you have likely gotten an article of clothing caught on the bar pull.

Wire pulls have a more traditional or transitional appearance than bar pull. However, they can offer an alternative design element while allowing bar pull functionality.

The wire pulls seen here in the pewter finish on white shaker kitchen cabinets, or the grey shaker look is classic.

Rustic shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

kitchen cabinet hardware for shaker cabinets

Oil-rubbed bronze mushroom cabinet knob

Natural wood tones are making a comeback in kitchen trends.

This kitchen is in a natural wooded location. The rustic kitchen design with the copper hood and tumbled marble backsplash add all the correct natural elements.

These shaker cabinets are paired with simple mushroom cabinet knobs in oil-rubbed bronze.

Oil-rubbed bronze is the perfect finish for this more rustic-traditional kitchen, as this metal has bits of red/copper coloring in the range hood.

Finger pulls on shaker cabinets.

finger pulls on shaker kitchen cabinets

Flush cabinet pull

Inset center-to-center flush cabinet pulls offer a timeless look that can be either traditional or contemporary.

You don’t see these on kitchen cabinets every day, but when you do, you can’t help but notice.

The recessed feature gives this hardware a built-in appearance, offering your shaker cabinetry a custom look and feel.

Shaker Kitchen cabinet cup pulls

white kitchen cabinets with polished nickel hardware

Unlike flush cabinet pulls, also known as bin pulls, they are designed to protrude from the cabinet drawer fronts.

Cup pulls started as a more traditional or old-world hardware choice but have become popular in contemporary and transitional design.

Cup pulls are a great alternative to bar or wire pulls.

Cup pulls look great, centered in the middle of the drawer front.

Shaker kitchen cabinet latch hardware

I don’t know what it is about cabinet latches, but they offer an upscale sophistication to kitchen design.

If the shaker cabinet is too simple, adding cabinet latches is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the shaker-style doors.

Cabinet latches live for ages and are the perfect choice for a classic kitchen.

Pro tip- Cabinet latches can only be used on full overlay cabinets.

Put these latches on cabinets you don’t use daily to avoid constantly locking and unlocking. 

Shaker style kitchen cremone bolt

cremone bolt

Cremone bolts are a beautiful and decorative locking hinge for swing doors, using a turn knob to lock and unlock.

Cremone bolts are great for a classic look, traditional, rustic, or even farmhouse.
Cremone bolts are offered in polished nickel, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and gold, to name just a few.

Try pairing a cremone bolt on upper swing cabinet doors with cupboard cabinet latches.

What hardware looks best on shaker cabinets?

Bar pulls are by far the most popular choice for shaker cabinets. Buyers can personalize bar pulls by selecting the metal finish, style, design, and lengths.

what hardware looks best on shaker cabinets?

Do you use pulls or knobs on shaker cabinets?

The Shaker cabinet face frame allows enough space for knobs or pulls, and homeowners can also choose to do both.

The most classic application is to put knobs on the cabinet doors and pulls on the drawers.

There is no right or wrong answer here, and buyers should consider their personal preferences.

Final thoughts and conclusion

matte black shaker cabinet pulls

Flat black handle cabinet pull

When selecting the cabinet hardware for your shaker kitchen cabinets, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to design and style, so select a look that speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable in your home.

Be open to mixing metals with other kitchen elements, such as lighting and appliances. The shaker kitchen cabinet hardware you decide upon can really define the overall design style of the kitchen, whether that’s vintage, cottage, modern, or traditional.

Finally, make sure whatever pieces you choose are properly installed and placed onto the shaker cabinet doors and drawers – this is key if they are to last over time!

With these tips, we hope you find the perfect shaker kitchen cabinet hardware ideas that help you personalize your dream kitchen.

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