what color floors go best with white kitchen cabinets

What Color Floors Go Best with White Kitchen Cabinets

The next step in designing your kitchen will be deciding what color floors go best with white kitchen cabinets.

White kitchen cabinets can live for the ages, meaning they will stand the test of time through changing trends; now, all we need to do is find the perfect match in kitchen floor ideas.

what color floors go best with white kitchen cabinets

Selecting white kitchen cabinets will brighten the entire cooking space and allow for endless possibilities when making backsplash, countertops, and flooring color selections.

In this post, I will discuss dark floors, brown floors, light floors, tile, and hardwood to understand better what color floors go best with white kitchen cabinets.

I’ll share my model home design formula that ensured the floor color in a kitchen with white cabinetry accentuated and elevated the space.

This post is about what color floors go best with white kitchen 

White kitchen cabinets with dark floors

Dark floors with white cabinets create a bold color contrast.

Dark flooring can work well in a traditional or more contemporary kitchen.
Before deciding if dark floors are best for white kitchen cabinets, consider the size of the kitchen, ceiling height, and natural lighting.

white kitchen cabinets with dark floors

Dark floors absorb light, making an already square footage-challenged kitchen feel even smaller.

Dark floors can be a great choice if you have an open concept and spacious kitchen with lots of natural sunlight flooding the space.

White kitchen cabinets with dark wood floors

white kitchen with dark wood floors

Dark wood floors are a classic option that can be as everlasting as white cabinetry, and dark wood flooring is less prone to fading.

Dark wood flooring is a neutral color choice that will anchor the kitchen design and allow the homeowner to build on the earth-tone foundation.

White marble countertops with a waterfall edge and the white porcelain apron sink give elegance and sophistication. 

In contrast, the contrasting brown floors provide a homey warmth.

Pro tip- Plenty of natural lighting, ceiling heights above 8ft, and open concept layout work well for white kitchens with dark wood flooring.

White kitchen cabinet, black tile floors

Like the keys on a piano, black flooring with white cabinets hits the perfect high note.

The contrast can take the kitchen style in a vintage direction, contemporary, and even a moody Spanish Mediterranean vibe.

This two-tone kitchen design is impactful, incorporating black accent color into the hardware and light fixtures, giving the entire room an elegant wow factor.

Light floors white kitchen cabinets

light floors white cabinets

Light-colored floors with white kitchen cabinets could be the way to go if you are after a light and airy kitchen space.

Lighter floors will help smaller kitchens feel more extensive and more spacious. 

Lighter floors with white cabinets are also a good idea if the kitchen has lower ceilings or is a galley-shaped kitchen with limited window access.

Contrast can be created in countertops, wall paint, wood hood, and backsplash.

light floors white kitchen cabinets

Once lighter color floors are paired with crisp white cabinets, a coastal feel can be created.

To learn more about how to get a coastal feel in the kitchen, read my previous post on coastal beach themed decorating ideas.

White kitchen with beige tile floors

white cabinets with beige tile floors

White kitchen cabinetry does go well with beige tile flooring.

This traditional kitchen with limestone tile floors is an excellent example of how to pull the look off.

Adding the espresso-colored island helps to marry the stark whiteness of the cabinets with the warm undertones in the beige tile flooring.

A dark navy or black kitchen island could also have been utilized for a more modern look and feel.

Beige tile flooring can work well for a transitional or traditional-style kitchen.

A warm beige tile will have yellow undertones, while a beige tile with cool tones will have more pink undertones.

Keep the undertones of the beige tile in mind when making countertop and backsplash choices.

Pro tip- When your flooring has yellow undertones, try to make a white wall color selection.

White kitchen cabinet with white floors

white kitchen cabinet white floors

There are many white flooring options to go with white kitchen cabinets.

In this photo, a polished white tile floor with white veining offers a high-end transitional look.

White flooring with white cabinetry creates a monochromatic look reflecting light and making a kitchen appear more significant.

White flooring can be a good option if you have a dark small kitchen.

White wood flooring looks beautiful for a coastal or cottage-style kitchen.

As you can imagine, white floors offer a clean aesthetic. Still, they will show dirt easily. when deciding on white flooring, consider your lifestyle and the home’s occupants.

Will you have time and resources to clean the white kitchen floors and grout?

White kitchen cabinets with hardwood floors

white cabinets with hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring adds the perfect amount of warmth to white kitchen cabinetry. 

The best thing about hardwood flooring is its unique ability to work well in any kitchen design aesthetic.

The color and species of wood flooring you select are about personal preference.

 Still, particular wood specifies complement design styles better than others.

Farmhouse-Natural, white-wash, and gray-tone woods 

Mid-century modern– Cherry, mahogany, oak, or walnut 

Transitional- White oak, walnut, hickory, warm and dark browns

Coastal/cottage- White oak, french oak, gray oak 

Gray floors

white kitchen cabinets gray floors

Gray is a beautiful neutral color choice for flooring in a kitchen with white cabinetry.

Slate gray floors, for example, can create a beautiful modern design and polished gray tile.

Gray tile-like wood works well in farmhouses, cottages, and rustic kitchens.

Gray is still popular because it offers endless shade variations from dark charcoal gray to light gray. The neutral color scheme plays the role of a design chameleon and blends well into any kitchen design style.

White kitchen cabinets light wood floors

white cabinets light wood floors

Light oak wood flooring is one of today’s most sought-after hardwood flooring species.

Light oak flooring paired with white cabinets is a trending look for modern as well as modern farmhouse kitchens.

The oak wood is durable and resists everyday wear and tear, which is fantastic for a high-traffic area like the kitchen.

Lighter wood floors mimic the look of water-washed wood like driftwood.

These lighter color floors tend to have less orange and yellow and pair well with blues, greens, and grays.

vinyl flooring with white cabinets

Suppose you are near the water and prefer to use something other than natural wood. In that case, a porcelain wood-like tile is a great option giving the best of both worlds the look of natural wood and the durability of porcelain tile.

When wood looks like tile is laid front to back in an offset pattern, it’s hard to tell just by looking which is which.

Vinyl flooring

LVP is known as a luxury vinyl plank. This vinyl flooring can be applied right on top of existing ceramic tile floors.

LVP is often waterproof and is an excellent alternative to wood flooring. They offer the timeless look of wood without the cost and maintenance.

LVP can take a beating so those with children and dogs might realize that LVP flooring is the perfect choice for their white kitchen cabinetry.

LVP flooring comes in every color choice imaginable.

Pro tip- The wider the vinyl plank, the more high-end the final look.

Black and white floors

white cabinets black and white floors

Black and white flooring have a long history dating back to ancient Egypt. Still today, it’s a sophisticated look admired and appreciated by most.

A true staple of classic elegance, black and white tile flooring still uniquely elevates a kitchen, particularly a kitchen with white cabinetry and black countertops.

Black and white floors are a good choice for those pursuing a traditional look that never expires.

The black and white tile floors can be accomplished in many ways, like a marble basket weave, black and white squares, and even pinstripes.

Pro tip– Add a bold color to the kitchen island with black and white floor tiles.

Concrete floors

Concrete floors and slab panel white cabinets suit industrial and modern-style kitchens.

If you can drive on it, surely you can cook, clean, and live on it. Nothing beats the durability of concrete flooring.

Interior designers can have your concrete floors stained or polished to any color. Even your existing concrete floors can be enhanced with paint or stamping.

On the downside, it is concrete, and standing on concrete all day hurts the lowers back; it’s also unforgiving if you drop a plate or ceramic dish while cooking.

Generally, people love or dislike concrete flooring, so this is something to consider for resale value.

Your target resale audience needs to appreciate concrete kitchen flooring.

Should the kitchen floor be darker than the cabinets?

This will be a matter of personal preference.

Be sure to consider the natural and artificial light in the kitchen and other color and design elements in the space, like the backsplash, countertops, and wall paint.

Consider the homeowners’ needs and lifestyle, including children and pets.

Final thoughts and conclusion

This post deeply explored what color floors go best with white kitchen cabinets.

My final answer is that it depends.

No two kitchens are the same, and no two homeowners are the same; many factors must be considered.

My advice for color selection is first to consider the ceiling heights, natural lighting and kitchen layout, and design style looking to be achieved.

The final decision on flooring material is to consider the homeowner’s lifestyle, occupants, pets, and resources.

If you are flipping or reselling a home and looking for what color floors go best with white kitchen cabinets, I would advise you to go with hardwood flooring. This is based on surveys conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs.

This final piece of research should lead you to the right kitchen flooring choice for your white kitchen cabinets.

Happy Decorating

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