kitchen hood cover ideas

20 Insanely Gorgeous Kitchen Hood Cover Ideas

Need some kitchen hood cover ideas? A kitchen hood is more than just a functional piece of equipment to whisk away smoke and odors from the cooking area in your home.

kitchen hood cover ideas

A kitchen hood cover is an important design element in a new kitchen renovation or remodel.

With some creative design ideas, you can use this appliance to create a focal point and statement piece for your kitchen design.

You will learn about kitchen range hoods and cover ideas that will breathe new life into your old vent hood.

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Vent hood and range hood what’s the difference?

Vent hoods, or range hoods, are exhaust hoods positioned over the range or oven to remove smoke, grease, and harmful pollutants from the kitchen area.

Ducted vs. Ductless vent hoods

A ducted vent hood system, also known as a vented system, allows the unwanted air to be expelled outdoors.

In a ductless hood, the air is passed through a filter you need to clean and regularly replace; the air is then recirculated back into the home.

Most homeowners prefer a ducted/vented hood system.

Range hood insert

While some range hood covers come with an insert, many do not.

The range hood insert is the exhaust fan, aka liner, that fits inside the range hood cover.

The range hood insert will do all the heavy lifting to remove the smoke and odors from the heart of the home.

Your range hood cover will need a hood insert unless you plan to install a faux range hood cover, which we will discuss later.

What is CFM Exactly

Most residential range hood inserts are between 28″ and 60″ wide, and they can pull between 200 to 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute)

Example: 200 CFM can remove 200 cubic feet of air per minute from the kitchen.

20 Insanely Gorgeous Kitchen Hood Cover Ideas

1. Wall-mounted range hood cover

wall mounted range hood cover

Wall-mounted range hood cover is one of the most cost-effective ways to add a kitchen vent hood to your kitchen design.

Kitchen hoods like these can be easily purchased on Amazon, Home Depot, or Best Buy. They are available in ducted and non-ducted options.

2. Under cabinet vent hood

under-cabinet vent hood

Under-cabinet vent hoods were trendy in the 80s. Boy, have they changed into beautiful statement pieces over the years.

Under-cabinet vent hoods are a great way to improve the functionality and look of your kitchen.

Under-cabinet vent hoods blend in with existing cabinetry for a streamlined look.

Pro tip When measuring for an under-cabinet vent hood, it’s essential to keep two things in mind.

First, the width of the vent hood must be at least as wide as the cooktop or range.

Second, the depth should be between 18-22 inches.

3. DIY Range hood cover

Looking to tackle adding a DIY range hood cover to your kitchen? This easy step-by-step video will answer all your questions.

4. Shaker range hood cover

shaker range hood cover

Shaker cabinets are currently the best-selling cabinets in today’s market, and for a good reason.

Shaker cabinets are design-style chameleons that work well in a traditional, modern, farmhouse, transitional, and cottage kitchen.
With that said, we wanted to give you a shaker-style kitchen hood cover idea.

In this photo, notice how mimicking the simple door frame detail of the shake cabinet door onto the front of the hood and side corbels allows this hood to fit in seamlessly with the shaker cabinets.

5. Stainless steel kitchen hood cover

stainless steel kitchen hood range

Want to leave your dinner guest speechless? A sleek stainless steel kitchen hood cover can do just that.

Stainless steel range hoods are stunning focal pieces that will surely be the best design moment in the house.

A custom metal kitchen hood is a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen.

Stainless steel has staying power as they are designed to resist rusting and corrosion.

Great for contemporary, industrial, modern, transitional and traditional kitchens.

6. Modern kitchen hood cover

modern kitchen hood cover

Boxwood hood designs are great for modern kitchen hood covers.

In keeping with a modern design style that focuses on clean, straight lines without accents, curves, or embellishments.

The straight box modern kitchen hood is the perfect choice for modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, and contemporary style kitchens.

Due to the lack of details and embellishments, the boxwood hoods are less expensive than other kitchen vent hoods.

7. Black Kitchen Hood Cover Ideas

black kitchen hood cover

Black is the new grey!

Black is becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design due to its versatility, timelessness, and sophistication.

Additionally, black is an effective tool for creating contrast against neutral wood tones.

Whether used in a minimalist setting or to add bold accents, black can effectively create a modern design statement.

8. Plaster kitchen hood cover

plaster kitchen hood cover

A plaster kitchen hood has pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing.

Plus, plaster is incredibly durable and easy to clean and maintain; it’s also an excellent insulator, so it can help keep your kitchen cool.

On the downside, plaster is more expensive than other materials like wood or metal, and installation can require a skilled professional.

Pro tip Be sure to choose high-quality plaster for your kitchen hood, like Venetian plaster or lime plaster, to ensure lasting beauty.

9. Farmhouse hood cover

farmhouse kitchen hood cover

I love the idea of a frameless beadboard kitchen hood. This is one of many farmhouse range hood ideas. See also the shiplap hood.

The look is approachable yet sophisticated and defines the design aesthetic of a modern farmhouse or industrial kitchen.

10. White kitchen hood cover ideas

white kitchen hood cover

A time-tested and proven classic is the white kitchen hood cover.

A crisp white kitchen is only elevated by adding a beautiful white hood.

A hood creates visual and architectural interest in an all-white kitchen, allowing the eye to gently land amongst the existing cabinetry.

Pro tip: In this kitchen, a 2nd white wood hood was added over the sink, taking a standard design approach to a more custom high-end kitchen design. 

What a huge difference!

11. Wood kitchen hood cover

wood kitchen hood cover

Interior designers love the addition of a wood hood, and they can transform a kitchen like magic.

Wooden hoods are a classic design element that fits perfectly into any kitchen design style.

Due to their versatility in wood species, wood hood covers are offered in many unique options like shapes, styles, colors, sizes, designs, textures, embellishments, and accents.

The wood kitchen hood has endless combinations that allow the homeowner to make personal preferences in all aspects of the design process.

12. Shiplap Wood Hood Cover

shiplap wood hood

Shiplap wood hood covers have gained popularity recently, with homeowners looking to give their kitchens a rustic, modern farmhouse or cottage-style makeover.

These hood covers are made from thin wooden boards that are overlapped and secured to create a unique, stylish, and durable look

13. Classic kitchen hood cover

classic kitchen hood cover

The perfect range hood is all personal preference.

A classic wood hood in the center of your kitchen, painted to match your existing cabinet color, is a straightforward and timeless approach to a kitchen makeover.

Create contrast by painting the kitchen island a deep rich color like black or navy.

14. Ikea hood cover

ikea kitchen hood cover

Ikea wall mounted range hood

is one of the best-selling kitchen hood covers on the market. The ALLMĂ„NBILDAD retails for $800 and offers a 5-year warranty. A sleek modern look can be installed ducted or using the charcoal filter system.

Wall-mounted in stainless steel, this Swedish-born beauty comes with LED lighting and can also double as a spice rack.

15. Island range hood

island range hood

It is not unusual to see the range and cooktop built into the kitchen island in more contemporary designs.

In this case, the homeowner should consider an island range hood.

Mounted to ceiling support brackets and located above the range. The island range hood removes smoke and odors through a ceiling ventilation system that can be either ducted or ductless.

16. Downdraft range hood

downdraft range hood

Another option for a modern kitchen design with the cooktop built into the kitchen island is a downdraft range hood.

A sleek look and discreet ventilation system are perfect for the less-is-more minimalist chefs.

The vent is located by the burner, sucks smoke into an exhaust pipe or a ductless system, and the smoke is filtered.

Downdraft range hoods can also be the answer if your kitchen has soaring or cathedral ceilings, making wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted impossible or ineffective.

17. Custom range hood

custom range hoods

The good news is that the retail market has exploded with great options for kitchen hoods.

There are thousands of beautiful range hoods from which to choose.

Great retailers are The Home Depot, Amazon, Etsy, and my favorite,, because of their customization options.

Many people today are looking to unleash their inner Shea McGee and have drawn out and designed their own custom hoods.

You may have seen part of a design you like on one hood and a trim piece on a different hood, and you want to combine the two.

A custom hood may be the direction in which you need to go.

18. Faux range hood cover

Ok, this option is for those looking to achieve the look of the hood but want to avoid taking on the total cost of a real hood and exhaust system.

19. Range hood cover kit

range hood cover kit

Range hood cover kits will provide the pieces to bring your kitchen hood cover ideas to life.

Let’s say you have a stainless steel hood and would like some contrast and swap it out to a black stainless.

Home Depot sells ceiling duct cover kits for all white, black, and stainless ceiling heights.

They also carry range inserts, replacement filters, leak kits, and wall vent ducting kits.

20. Brass range hood

brass range hoods

Love the look of brass, copper, and zinc hoods? Me too!

Incorporating metals into interior design is very common. With metals like brass and zinc trending, consider accenting your kitchen with a brass or copper hood.

 Look at  WorldCopperSmith website for custom metal kitchen hoods; your mind will be quickly made up.

They have every color of brass metal imaginable, like polished brass, aged brass, backend brass, antique brass, natural brass, and burnished brass. 

They also offer color-match range hoods.

You select the texture, strap finish, strap texture, and rivet finish and request a quote. 

Bringing brass statement pieces into your kitchen has never been easier!

Final thoughts and Conclusion

When it comes to kitchen vent hood ideas, the possibilities are endless.

From sleek and modern downdraft range hoods for minimalist chefs to custom range hood covers that can be tailored to your custom cabinetry, you’ll find something perfect for your kitchen design.

No matter what type of kitchen hood cover idea you choose, remember that ventilation is essential for safety and comfort – so remember proper installation!

Check out my post on kitchen accent walls ideas that can complement your kitchen hood

With these tips in mind, we hope you have found some inspiration from our kitchen vent hood ideas list. Happy cooking!

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