cutting boards displayed on the kitchen countertop

20 Insanely Cute Cutting Boards Displays in the Kitchen

I’m still determining who kicked it off. Still, if I had to guess, Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper” is responsible for introducing us to how to model and display cutting boards in the kitchen.

Cutting boards are no longer just for slicing and dicing. They are now a must-have accessory known for doing some heavy decorating lifting in the heart of the home.

Let’s get those chopping blocks out of the lower cabinet and explore some great ways to marry fashion and functionality around the kitchen.

Now offered in various materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. Cutting boards have more than enough versatility to accentuate all kitchen design styles. Here are 20 gorgeous ideas on how to display cutting boards.

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1. Style Cutting Board as a Tray

Rectangle cutting boards acts a kitchen tray

A large rectangular wood cutting board with a leather strap laid flat onto a quartz countertop acts as a tray. Accessorized with kitchen decor including cookbooks, salt cellar, and floral succulents.  

2. Organize Chopping Blocks in Wood Box

cutting boards stored in vintage wooden box
Wooden Box

Storing your cutting boards of various shapes in a vintage wood box or breadbox on the countertop makes for easy access while adding natural wood tones and textures to the kitchen. 

3. Display Kitchen Boards in Glass Pantry Cabinet

cutting boards style in sode glass pantry cabinet
Glass Pantry Cabinet

If you are one of the lucky ones with glass front pantry cabinets in your kitchen. Adding solid wood cutting boards to the shelves will make you feel like you have been whisked away to a French country bakery.  

4. Accessorize Butcher Block on Kitchen Island

butcher block accessorized on the kitchen island
Butcher Block Chopping Board

Use a butcher block on the kitchen island. I know what you are thinking, what’s the difference? A butcher block is typically much thicker than a cutting board, at least 1.5″ inches, and always uses end-grain wood. End-grain wood is self-healing and runs along the outside of the board.  Accent the block with a great cookbook, floral arrangement, or holiday decor.

5. Display Two Cutting Boards on Kitchen Backsplash

Slate Kitchen Cutting Boards

One of the more popular ways to display wood cutting boards in the kitchen is to place them behind the cooktop.  

Arrange two to three blocks in varied sizes and shapes and lean against the kitchen backsplash.  

6. Use Cutting Boards as Wall Décor 

cutting boards hanging as kitchen wall decor.

Short on counter space, or want something other than framed artwork? Hang your cutting boards to the wall for a fun twist on kitchen wall décor.

Try hanging boards in multiple sizes and colors.

Pro tip- Want some height variation? Try adding a long-handled pizza peel. This is an excellent look for farmhouses or rustic kitchens.

7. Kitchen Utensil Rack

round cutting boards hanging from mounted kitchen untensil rack
Wall Mounted Utensil Rack

Use the kitchen rail rack to hang your oven mitts, towels, and spoons; this is also a great way to display your kitchen cutting boards.  

8. Showcase Open Shelving with Chopping Blocks

natural oak wood boards styled on kitchen floating shelves
Floating Shelves

These round natural wood chopping boards add subtle yet much-needed warmth and timeless appeal to this modern white kitchen. Open shelves are begging to be outfitted with unique wall decor like cutting boards.

Turn up your creativity by adding decorative olive oil jars, greenery, or even lemons. Have a more modern kitchen? Marble is a stunning natural stone.

Dark black, grey, or navy marble cutting boards are a smart contemporary choice. 

9. Add a Cutting Board To The Bar cart  

kitchen bar car styles with multiple kitchen cuttig baords of varied sizes and shapes

Accessorize a roll-away island or bar cart with cutting boards and other coordinating kitchen accessories.

In addition to being a great place to display cutting boards, bar carts can add non-consumable storage to a small kitchen. Check out my post on applying kitchen design principles.  

10. Display Wood Boards on the Plate Rack

cutting boards displayed on plate rack
Organize Wood Boards on Plate Rack

Repurposing a plate rack holder is one of the best ways to showcase a collection of boards. These racks can be added to the kitchen island or on a kitchen sideboard.  

11. Elevate Soaps on Wood Pedestal Riser

Wood pedestal risers are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. They are an inexpensive yet practical way to incorporate style and convenience into the kitchen.

Mirrored in the shape of a mini cutting board these wooden soap trays are perfect for adding height to soap dispensers and other small kitchen countertop decor.

12. Marble Stand Display Holiday Decor

marble lazy susan display holiday decor on countertops
Marble Rotating Lazy Susan

Round turntable-style cutting boards make for a perfect stage to display holiday decor and floral vases in the kitchen.

13. Double up using two

cutting board design

What’s better than one cutting board on the kitchen countertop? Two! Here a round cutting board was used as the backdrop to a square chopping board. The stainless steel salt and pepper shaker helps to break up the wood elements.

14. Cutting Board Christmas Decor

cutting board christmas decor

A hanging shelving rack with hooks provides the perfect spot to add warmth and texture to your Christmas farmhouse aesthetic.

15. Coordinate Cutting Board with Range Hood

rustic kitchen cutting board

In this farmhouse kitchen cutting boards styled on the floating shelf and counter are stained in harmony with the range hood trim.

16. Modern Cutting Board Idea

modern kitchen cutting board

Introducing wood into a modern space keeps your design from feeling cold and falling flat.

17. Marble Cutting Board Decor

marble cutting board decor

Marble cutting boards are a great choice for transitional, traditional, and modern-style kitchens.

They help to elevate and bring elegance to the decor display atop the board.

In this kitchen marble cheese shredder in contrasting white marble pops against the black marble cutting board.

18. Cutting Boards as Plant Stands

Chopping boards are versatile kitchen aids, perfect for organizing herbs or elevating the aesthetics with greenery and plants.

19. Black Cutting Boards for Mid-Century Kitchens

Assuming cutting boards only fit in rustic or farmhouse kitchens? Think differently! In this sleek kitchen featuring black cabinets and white quartz countertops, a round black cutting board pairs elegantly with a red walnut square board, exuding a mid-century modern flair.

20. Cutting Board Cookbook Holder

cutting board cookbook holder

Craft a theme with your cookbooks set against a wood board backdrop. In this display, an Italian ambiance shines through with olive oil bottles, pristine white bowls, and a minimalist cookbook cover.

Wood Cutting Boards Color Meaning

wood cutting board with green vegetables

The original OG of cutting boards is the wooden cutting board. 

Wood chopping boards are best used for cutting bread, vegetables, and fruits, and creating cheese boards, and even chopping raw meat.  

Cutting boards are sold in several types of wood. The most common wood species





Sugar maple or hard maple is the most durable maple wood for cutting boards. 

Maple is a dense closed-grain wood that can resist bacteria due to its smaller pore size.  

Proper care for wood cutting boards: Wash your wooden cutting board by hand, using dish soap and water, and dry it with a clean, dry cloth.  

Pro tip: Wood cutting boards need to be conditioned and sealed. Oil the cutting boards using beeswax or food-grade mineral oil to avoid cracking and drying. 

Marble Cutting Boards

marble cutting board with pink pastries
White Marble Cutting Board

The term “cutting board” is not the best for marble boards, marble is a very fragile and slippery stone, so you would not want to do any cutting or chopping on marble boards.  

Marble is also porous, which makes it highly vulnerable to acid, so you want to avoid cutting citrus fruits like limes and lemons on a marble countertop.  

Serving boards made of marble are best used for kneading dough and rolling pasta, thanks to their cold and non-stick surface. 

Marble boards with wood inlay: There’s no doubt that the marble cutting board with the wood inlay is absolutely gorgeous.

 Given what we now know about wood and marble cutting boards, I recommend using these stone and wood combination boards for decorative purposes only.

 They can be personalized with monogramming and make for excellent housewarming and wedding gifts. 

Marble board care and cleaning. Marble is one of the most hygienic kitchen boards; clean it with a mild dish detergent and dry it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

Plastic Cutting Boards


white plastic cutting board with knife and yellow peppers

Plastic cutting boards are the most versatile and require minimal maintenance of all the chopping boards. 

Boards made of plastic can cut raw seafood and meat, chop fruits and vegetables, and clip fresh flowers, you name it. There’s little you can’t do on a plastic board.  

Although practical plastic boards could be better, bacteria can hide and camp out in the deep grooves and scratches of the board. 

 Plastic boards should be replaced every two years. You want to ensure you buy a BPA-free board to avoid endocrine-disrupting chemicals.  

Cleaning and care of plastic boards—To clean a plastic chopping board meticulously, use a teaspoon of bleach and cool water, then wash with a clean sponge.

Rinse the board in hot water and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.  

Color Code Cutting Boards

yellow cutting board color coded for poultry
Yellow Poultry Cutting Board

Pro-tip- Color-code your cutting boards, to prevent cross-contamination.

The practice of color-coding cutting boards has been around for years. You can read more about cutting boards and proper care on the USDA Food Safety Website.

  • Blue- Raw Seafood 
  • Brown-Cooked Meats 
  • Green- Veggies and fruits 
  • Red-Raw Meat 
  • White- Bread Pastries and Dairy 
  • Yellow- Poultry 

Final Thoughts

Have fun and be creative when displaying cutting boards in your own kitchen.  

Use this guide as inspiration to unleash your inner decorator and get your creative juices flowing.  

The only rules that apply here are the care and best use of each type of board. Outside of that, feel free to color outside of the lines. 

Expand upon the ideas offered here and see what you can cook up.  

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