23 Insanely Cute Over the Toilet Decor Ideas That You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

You must be a home design enthusiast to have arrived at this blog post on cute over the toilet decor ideas.

Only true home design enthusiasts who appreciate even the smallest details, including the decor above the toilet, would understand the importance of what’s hung on that often overlooked wall space.

Let me begin by saying you are in good company—we love all things home here. especially for those who are looking for new home design ideas.

Over the past year, I have visited new construction model homes in my area, looking to see how their interior designers tackled over-the-toilet decor.

As you will soon see by the 23 insanely cute over-the-toilet decorating ideas, some designers prioritized function over design with cabinets and shelves, while others were purely aiming for the style factor.

This post is all about the 23 cutest over the toilet design ideas that I could find.

over the toilet decor ideas

Double up with wall art

What could be better than an attractive piece of art over the toilet? Try two pieces of art over the toilet. Try hanging art vertically, one above the other, to bring the eye up. This can help make a smaller bathroom feel bigger by double-stacking the wall art over the toilet.

black and white photography over the toilet

Keep it private with cabinets

This isn’t your granny’s cabinet over the toilet ideas. Elevate your over the toilet cabinet decor with a cabinet that merges function with high fashion.

Choose a toilet cabinet with open shelving to stylishly display your decor. And for those not-so-display-worthy items? Opt for a cabinet with chic, obscure-reeded glass doors. Perfect for tucking away everything from toilet cleaners to toiletries, making clutter a thing of the past.

Add texture with baskets

Bathrooms usually feature quite a few solid surfaces like shower wall tile, countertops, and floors, making it essential to add some texture. Hanging woven baskets over the toilet is a stylish solution that adds warmth to the space. These baskets over the toilet aren’t just for looks—they’re practical too, serving as the perfect spot for storing extra toilet paper or rolled hand towels.

Make it feel bigger with a mirror

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the home, and using a mirror as over-the-toilet decor is a smart move. A mirror over the toilet not only makes the bathroom look bigger but also enhances natural light. What bathroom couldn’t benefit from that?

Usually, there’s already a mirror above the sink vanity. Think about swapping it for a larger one that spans the entire back wall.

Your imagination is your only limitation.

Add Dimension with Metal Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique idea for the space above your toilet, consider metal wall art.

Metal decor, like the bronze flowers showcased below, introduces texture and a 3-D effect.

This will set your space apart from traditional framed art. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, metal wall art is an ideal choice for over-the-toilet decor.

metal flowers over the toilet decor

Get creative with wall spheres

Bathrooms may be small, but remember, there are no small parts, only small actors. Consider decorating with wall spheres over the toilet.

I did this in my guest bathroom, opting for silver wall spheres as my go-to.

It took me about 5 minutes to install as they come with a sharp screw attached and you just turn them and screw them into the wall randomly and it looks like a masterpiece

You wouldn’t believe how much my guests rave about how cool they look!

glam wall spheres over the toilet

Get a Ladder

A ladder over the toilet is an adorable and practical choice among over-the-toilet decor ideas.

You can easily find them at stores like Pottery Barn and Wayfair. Perfect for small bathrooms lacking storage, these ladders are compact and offer 3 to 4 shelves. Use them to store toilet paper, candles, baskets, and greenery.

Tiered shelving adds depth to your bathroom decor and diversity in your storage needs.

Make it earthy boho

Boho design focuses on organic textures, a mix of patterns, earth tones, and handcrafted decor. This abstract wall plaque, with its hues of brown string-forming flowers, is handmade and unique. It’s perfect for adding a boho touch to your over the toilet decorations.

boho woven canvas over the toilet

Make it Farmhouse

Keep in mind, that over-the-toilet decor ideas don’t have to be confined to wall hangings.

This powder bathroom exemplifies one of the top farmhouse over-the-toilet decorating ideas by applying white subway tile, synonymous with farmhouse decor, across the entire back wall behind the toilet, from floor to ceiling.

Although a simple framed piece of art nicely rounds out the space, there’s no denying that the white 4×6 subway tile is the true standout in this farmhouse powder bath.

farmhouse bath subway tile over the toilet

Elevate Decor on Floating shelves

Does your toilet sit between two return walls? Try adding floating shelves to create a built-in look. This is the perfect opportunity to elevate and display your bathroom decor, or, for a more functional approach, to double as overflow storage for toilet paper.

white floating shelves over toilet

Small bathroom with window

If you have a small bathroom with a window above the toilet, adding a decorative Roman shade is a great choice. Fabric shades provide both privacy and style. If the space still feels like it needs something more, consider adding wall decor to the side walls, just like in this photo.

small bathroom with window decor

Go bold in the powder room

Powder rooms are the perfect spot to experiment with your decor. Don’t shy away from bold ideas for decorating above the toilet. It doesn’t have to be just traditional art or a mirror.

If there’s a wallpaper you’ve been wanting to try but felt it was too daring, the powder room is your chance. In this guest bathroom, bold black wallpaper covers the walls above the toilet, turning a color some might think is too dark for a small space into a touch of sophistication.

black wallpaper over the toilet

Make it fun in the kid’s bathroom

For kids, keeping over-the-toilet decoration fun and light is key!

In my daughter’s bathroom, I chose playful canvas prints of zoo animals blowing pink bubblegum as the perfect over-the-toilet kids’ bathroom decor.

They’re not only fun but also safe, with no risk of damage if they fall. Plus, they won’t break during those inevitable bathroom shenanigans.

zoo animals print canvas kids toilet decor

Master Bathroom Over the toilet decor ideas

The owner’s bathroom, being the primary bathroom in the home, needs more thoughtful planning than secondary bathrooms.

The master bathroom over the toilet decor should be upscale, and if you want to splurge this is the bathroom where you should add a bit more creativity in your toilet decor ideas.

Wall orbs are an excellent choice for modern over-the-toilet wall decor. You can arrange wall orbs in any pattern you like, adding color, texture, and dimension to a space that benefits from these elements

wall orbs over the toilet master bath

Define your design with framed art

Defining your design style in a bathroom isn’t easy due to limited space. However, art can significantly convey your style story.

Using framed art is a clever way to highlight your overarching design theme. For example, a simple modern geometric print in a gold frame can perfectly illustrate the story of a minimalist modern bathroom.

modern framed art over the toilet

Get cheeky with wall signs

I get it, you might think wall signs are a bit passé. Not the kind urging you to wash your hands to the tune of the alphabet song. No, I wouldn’t suggest that.

Think more outside the box, like a wall sign that boldly states “Make Shit Happen.” If you’re looking to add a personal touch that reflects your family’s personality, something like this could be perfect.

It’s ideal for a pool bath or a game room bathroom, where the vibe is meant to be fun and lighthearted.

Keep it organized with Shelves

Does anyone have enough storage and space in their bathroom? Seriously, I’ve yet to find a bathroom that has ample storage for all the toiletries we use daily, not to mention cleaning products, plus room to decorate over the toilet. For many, adding storage over the toilet isn’t just a good idea; it’s the only way.

Introduce cohesion with a gallery wall

Add a touch of harmony to your bathroom with a gallery wall above the toilet. Here, the interior designer used six matching wood frames with vintage beach scenes. They’re all the same size and neutral color palette, perfectly continuing the coastal theme of the home right into the main bathroom.

coastal gallery wall over the toilet

Experiment with Color

I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: nothing transforms a space as quickly and cost-effectively as a fresh coat of paint. Change bland white walls to wow with a bold black, deep green, or soft pale pink. Painting an accent wall over the toilet is an affordable yet impactful decorating idea.

blue and gray over the toilet decor

Add visual interest with wall molding

Adding wall molding, such as wainscoting, to the bathroom enhances its attractiveness and can increase resale value.

Simple wall molding can significantly elevate the bathroom’s design if you prefer a clean look without decor above the toilet. For small powder baths, applying molding vertically can make the space look bigger by visually raising the room’s height.

Let there be light

Placing a light fixture over the toilet might not be the first over-the-toilet decor idea you think of, but it can add an elegant and sophisticated touch when done right.

A simple sconce light can layer in lighting, brightening the space, while an art sconce can highlight a piece of artwork.”

Layer two over the toilet ideas

round wall baskets over the toilet

Over the toilet basket ideas don’t have to be for storage. Try using round basket trays over the toilet styled over a tribal print wallpaper. Layering the idea of wallpaper and textural baskets.

Double down on flowers above the toilet

flowers over the toilet

Over the toilet decor ideas FAQ’s

What do you hang above the toilet?

  • Artwork: A personal touch that adds visual interest.
  • Shelving: Useful for storage and displaying items.
  • Wall Molding: Enhances aesthetics and can make spaces appear larger.
  • Light Fixtures: Sconce lights add elegance and improve lighting.
  • Metal Wall Art: Offers texture and a 3D look.
  • Mirrors: Increase the perception of space and light.

How do you style a shelf over a toilet?

To style a shelf over the toilet, begin with essentials like toilet paper in decorative containers for functionality.

Add personal touches with small plants or candles for warmth and artwork for personality. Aim for a mix of heights and textures, sticking to a cohesive color scheme.

Remember, less is more; ideally in groups of three for visual balance.

Should you decorate the top of a toilet tank?

Placing a single functional item on the toilet tank is fine and can add a subtle touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Options like a beautiful candle, paper hand towels in a holder, or a small grouping of gorgeous perfume bottels are great examples.

There’s no need for full decor; one carefully chosen item can enhance the space tastefully.

This post was all about over the toilet decor ideas.

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