End of kitchen cabinet ideas

21 Clever End of Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Are you looking for end-of-kitchen cabinet ideas? Hoping to take advantage of that underutilized space to bring some storage solutions and organization to the heart of the home.

If you are lucky enough to be designing a kitchen from the ground up through a full kitchen remodel or new construction home you will want to ensure that precious real estate space doesn’t go to waste.

The design features need not only to improve kitchen functionality but define your overall kitchen design and separate your kitchen from the other homes in the neighborhood.

Enc of kitchen cabinet ideas

If this sound like you then you’ve landed in the right spot!

I had an absolute blast curating a collection of ingenious end-of-kitchen cabinet ideas, with some providing extra storage, others enhancing functionality, and a few that simply serve to beautify the space.

So without further ado, let’s start our list of the best end of kitchen cabinet ideas.

1. Open Shelving

end of cabinet open shelving

Open shelving serves as a versatile storage solution for dishes or as a stage to showcase your favorite kitchen decor.

Indeed, open shelves can strike a perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

In the kitchen above floating shelves accentuate the wood trim on the hood.

That same natural wood tone was used as decorative panels on the front and ends of kitchen island cabinets.

2. Small Appliances

End of island microwave storage

Integrating the microwave into your kitchen island cleverly frees up space, allowing you to install an elegant chimney hood above your stove, thereby improving aesthetics and ventilation in one smart move.

Small appliances can be custom fitted into the end of kitchen cabinets including mixers, microwaves, espresso makers etc.

3. Wine bottle storage

End of island microwave storage

Do you even utilize the storage cabinet above the kitchen refrigerator?

Add a wine cabinet box above the fridge quickly adds visual interest and practicality.

Now, that’s a dash of vino-infused charm for you!

This inventive setup not only puts your prized wine collection on display but also breathes life into a space that usually goes unused and unnoticed.

4. End of cabinet glass door storage

end of cabinet glass door storage

This kitchen features full-face framed glass doors gracing the end of the cabinet island. Offering a delightful stage for your curated collection of vases and cherished kitchen decor.

It’s like having a mini art gallery nestled within your kitchen, infusing style, storage, and a pinch of elegance all at once!

5. Waterfall Edge

Waterfall edge islands – they certainly stir up feelings, don’t they? Some folks can’t get enough of them, while others aren’t fans.

Then there are those who fret about investing in the latest trend that could ring in the new year with a call from 2023, asking for its style back.

There’s no denying, however, that these islands are real head-turners, especially in a modern kitchen with such a large island. The white quartz countertops just seem to pull the entire design together,

What’s your take? Are waterfall edges making a splash on your “maybe” list for end of kitchen cabinet ideas, or are they a no-go for you?

Pro tip alert – waterfall edges usually comprise at least three pieces, if not more. It’s crucial that installers match up the veining perfectly; if not, the misalignment could be an irritating sight each time you lay eyes on it. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later for paying attention to this detail!

6. Utility drop zone

Masterbrand Cabinets, the brains behind Thomasville Cabinetry — a Home Depot exclusive — have coined a nifty organizing nook at the end of the kitchen cabinets as a ‘utility drop zone’.

This is the perfect spot for shallow storage where you can house anything from I-pads, and cleaning supplies, to brooms, cookbooks, or your go-to snacks. A clever way to make use of the smallest of spaces.

When you’re gearing up for a kitchen renovation small details like this one are definitely worth some serious consideration.

7. Barstool Storage

Kitchen island barstool storage

Juggling with a small kitchen space?

You might have cleverly repurposed your kitchen island as both a dining table and a prep area.

In times when meals aren’t being served, the narrow space suddenly becomes prime real estate in a smaller kitchen layout.

Thoughtfully leaving room under the island for barstools to slide neatly underneath when idle is not just a smart but a space-saving maneuver.

8. Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinet

With their vast array of design styles, pantry cabinets are a brilliant choice for that end-of-kitchen-cabinet conundrum.

Think of them as a showcase for your cherished family heirlooms and kitchen decor gems, like your exquisite linens.

They can stand alone with glass cabinet doors, creating a beautiful display case, or be seamlessly integrated into your existing cabinet design, offering essential storage options for dry goods.

The choice is yours, and either way, it’s a win!

9. Towel Rack

towel rack at the end of kitchen island

Isn’t it curious how we often see towel racks in bathrooms but they’re something of a rarity in kitchens?

They’re incredibly handy for a swift counter wipe or drying hands.

That’s why I’m absolutely smitten with this kitchen island, which smartly boasts towel racks attached to both ends.

It’s a simple addition that seems as obvious as it is ingenious!

10. Beverage refrigerator

beverage fridge end of cabinet idea

Isn’t it funny how our modern fridges are packed to the gills, often making a garage fridge necessary for the overflow of essentials like beer, Prosecco, and bottled Pellegrino… or is that just at my place?

Regardless, imagine how handy it would be to have a beverage cooler nestled at the end of the kitchen cabinets. I love the counter height variation and the espresso-stained butcher block countertop, this intentionally separates the functionality for the end of the kitchen cabinet.

11. Kitchen banquette

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve walked into a kitchen only to see the cabinets abruptly meet a plain, uninspiring wall.

I found myself facing this very issue in my own kitchen (but hold tight, I’ll share my own clever solution a bit later).

In this particular kitchen, the designer cleverly broke that monotony by installing a built-in kitchen banquette, creating a window seat topped with floating shelves for showcasing treasured kitchen decor.

Banquettes invite an extra opportunity to echo your personal style with your choice of upholstery, color, and texture!

12. Crossbucks on the kitchen island

crossbucks end of kitchen island

It’s often referred to as the “X” marking the end of the kitchen island, but this quintessential farmhouse design detail actually has a name – it’s called the crossbuck.

I know for many the most important thing is adding to storage space but I promised you that some of the end-of-cabinet ideas showcased in this post would purely add a splash of aesthetic appeal, and this is one of those gems.

It crafts a captivating focal point and truly brings the wow factor to the table!

13. Dog bowl with pot-filler

I’m absolutely jelly-bean with envy over this clever kitchen feature – a built-in food and water dog bowl nestled into the end of the kitchen island.

And as if this stroke of genius wasn’t enough, they’ve gone the extra mile and plumbed it for a pot filler. I can’t help but wish this wonderfully practical addition was part of my own kitchen!

Wait, is that marble I see? Oh, I just can’t even! The sheer elegance is too much!

14. Breakfast table extension

end of kitchen island ideas

Invite your kitchen island to do some heavy lifting as it transitions seamlessly into an eat-in dining area.

In this modern setting, a streamlined island, all clean lines, and minimalism, subtly steps down into a chic dining table, supported by a shiny chrome base.

While this look can be adapted to fit any kitchen aesthetic, it truly shines in this industrial-themed setting, adding a dose of contemporary flair.

15. Office desk end of kitchen cabinet idea

We’ve all heard it – the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we cook, entertain, convene, and handle family affairs.

But let’s not forget, it’s also where we juggle bills, supervise homework, and jot down those endless grocery lists.

Given all that action, introducing a home office at the end of your kitchen cabinets could be just the ticket. It’s a triple threat – functional, practical, and oh-so-charming!

16. Base cabinet extension

base kitchen cabinet extension

The last thing you want is for your upper and lower kitchen cabinets to appear as though they simply ran out of momentum, especially when the space is practically crying out for a creative end-of-kitchen cabinet idea.

One enhancement that we used to propose in our new construction design studio was a base cabinet extension. This seemingly minor detail could be the game-changer between a standard builder-grade kitchen and a custom-designed space.

The extended base cabinet not only looks like a bespoke piece of furniture, but it also offers added benefits by providing more room for storage of small appliances, or room for serving.

17. Open cabinets

open cabinet end of kitchen cabinet ideas

Open cabinets are definitely having a moment, and when styled right, it’s easy to see why — they’re both adorable and practical.

Free from cabinet doors, open shelves offer easy access to everyday items like plates and bowls, they add convenience to your daily kitchen routine.

But they don’t stop at utility; for an added dash of cuteness, consider displaying napkin rings and linens. It’s truly a blend of function meets fashion!

18. Bench seating

kitchen bench seat

one of my top picks for end of kitchen cabinet ideas has to be the lovely and practical bench seating.

There’s an undeniable allure to these seats, with their cushioned comfort and decorative throw pillows, inviting you to curl up with your steaming cup of coffee. Plus, they are an inexpensive alternative to custom cabinets.

Now, if you’re one step ahead (as I know you are), consider incorporating pull-out drawers beneath – an ideal hideaway for your festive table decorations.

Pro tip- The kitchen is a spill-prone area, consider washable performance fabrics for the bench cushion

19. Island drawer storage

pull out drawers on end of kitchen island

Is bending over becoming less enchanting with each passing year for anyone else, or is it just me?

Consequently, I find kitchen drawer storage to be a godsend, far surpassing the convenience of cabinet doors.

Now, take a look at this farmhouse kitchen – it’s a brilliant illustration of several genius end of kitchen cabinet ideas, all blended together.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

A. Crossbuck wood detailing commands attention at the end of the kitchen island, making it a true focal point.

B. Golden oak wooden shelves, delicately positioned at the end of the kitchen windows.

C Hallway headers are a great idea at the end of the kitchen cabinets. Continuing the Golden oak theme ensures design consistency.

D. What truly brings a smile to my face are the drawer stacks on the front end of the kitchen island, equipped with quaint brass cup pulls. Perfect solution for placemats, napkins, and silverware. Everything you would need to set the table.

20. Accent wall wine wall

accent wall end of kitchen cabinet

Alright, earlier I teased that I, too, grappled with the decision of what to do with the end of my kitchen cabinets.

As a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, I enlisted the help of my carpenter friend to create a custom wine closet using vino pins.

While my own setup is slightly different from the one depicted here, this image underscores the point that cabinet storage isn’t the only option.

Accent walls, as showcased here, make a fantastic end of kitchen cabinet idea – they’re like visual autobiographies of the home’s inhabitants. For more sparks of creativity on kitchen accent wall ideas, be sure to check out my previous post.

21. Glass Cabinets

Elevate the end of your kitchen cabinets with glass cabinets. You can either replace your current cabinet doors with glass panels or you can have glass cabinet uppers added.

I love this french inspired kitchen with warm gray paint and glass upper cabinets used to store wine glasses outfitted with oh-so-elegant cremone bolt hardware.

Final thoughts and encouragement

Whoa, we just covered a lot. Here are 20 new and refreshing end-of-kitchen cabinet ideas to add functionality, personality, and a killer design aesthetic to drive home your preferred kitchen design style.

I honestly could keep going; there are still many great ways to bring some pizzazz to the end of your kitchen cabinet.

The ideas can be intricate with custom cabinetry, or they can be as simple and creative as painting your upper cabinets a different color than your lower cabinets.

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way.

Two tone kitchen cabinets with bar foot rails

Two-tone kitchen with bar foot rails

Don’t let the size of your kitchen limit your design ideas.

I’ve demonstrated how counter space can play double duty, and how space-saving design features can be added to narrow cabinets and tiny spaces.

Larger kitchens have different specific needs like function, so adding a towel rack to the end of the island or a doggie bowl pot-filler can be just what the expert designer offered.

For those of you who have mastered the art of organization and kitchen performance, I hope you picked up a few pointers from the end-of-kitchen cabinet ideas that focused more on design, like the pantry cabinets, wine walls, and waterfall edge.

Think it through and plan it all out, then come back and share with the rest of us which end-of-kitchen cabinet ideas you decided to do in the comment section.

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