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20 Best Flooring Ideas for Kitchen Oak Cabinets

Are you staring at a kitchen with oak cabinetry, trying to figure out which flooring ideas for a kitchen with oak cabinets is going to complement that distinctive grain pattern and unique warm tones?

When I was a new home design consultant I had several homebuyers asking that same question, and over the years I discovered the secret to finding the perfect flooring for oak kitchen cabinetry every time.

From honey oak to white oak and every shade in between.

The task of selecting the perfect flooring for oak cabinetry is not too different from other cabinets. My secret ingredient……Contrast!

Using contrast works well with oak kitchen cabinets. Lighter flooring can help lighten a heavy oak kitchen space, while a dark floor can instantly modernize the kitchen and dining space.

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So, let’s start this journey together. We’ll consider aesthetics, practicality, and home value.

We’ll discover the best flooring ideas for kitchens with oak cabinets of all shades and flooring types.

As an added bonus we will explore complementary colors for backsplashes and paint colors.

Exploring Flooring Ideas Oak Kitchen Cabinets

We will not be confined by square tiles and matchy-matchy flooring, nope!

In this post, we are going to push the design boundary limits and think outside the box.

The flooring options I provide here are designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Black floors, hexagon, herringbone patterns. Vinyl flooring, laminate flooring. I will throw in as many flooring ideas for kitchen oak cabinets as possible.

I know that oak cabinets come in a variety of wood tones, so I will be sure to give ideas for dark cabinets, Brazilian cherry, and orange undertones, and those who are looking to update oak cabinets from the 90s.

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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been gracing homes for ages, and according to Builderonline, they’re still the top pick for home buyers.

But hold up, they’re not the one-size-fits-all solution. You see, in our Florida new home design studios, we don’t offer a single option of genuine hardwood flooring

The reason? Our weather! Humidity and rain are hardwood’s arch-nemesis. Instead, we’re big on engineered wood, or tile-like wood as a fantastic alternative.

However, if you’re lucky to live in an area where real wood floors are a practical option, keep reading! This section is just for you.

Quick insider tip: Go for wide wood planks (6.5″-12″). They’re all the rage now, and buyers are hunting for that premium space-enlarging look.

Light wood flooring

Light wood flooring can beautifully complement both light and dark oak kitchens.

In this specific kitchen, the light wood flooring unites seamlessly with modern, slab-front oak cabinets, creating a monochromatic aesthetic.

The white countertops, hood, and backsplash further contribute to this serene and unified ambiance.

However, the true magic lies in the artful injection of contrast.

The kitchen’s black window frames, doors, and dome light fixtures introduce this much-needed element.

They punctuate the space, adding depth and interest to the overall light and airy design.

This clever balance ensures that the room is not just calming and coherent, but also visually dynamic and engaging.

Dark wood flooring

Dark wood flooring ideas oak kitchen cabinets

Honey oak cabinets find renewed life when paired with dark wood flooring.

At first glance, the honey hues of the cabinets echo those found in the wooden floors and beams, creating a harmonious flow.

However, on closer inspection, the designer’s strategic use of contrast becomes evident.

The two-toned approach extends beyond the cabinetry to the countertops as well.

The classic honey oak cabinets are complemented by a solid black quartz countertop, introducing a bold contrast.

Meanwhile, the island and perimeter cabinets, painted in a dark, moody black, are paired with pristine white countertops, further enhancing the kitchen’s dynamic palette.

The designer cleverly weaves in additional layers of contrast.

The crisp white hood stands out beautifully against the wood cabinets, and the dark grey granite composite sink provides a striking counterpoint to the white island countertop.

This thoughtful interplay of light and dark elements breathes new life into the kitchen, demonstrating the transformative power of contrast in design.

Gray wood Flooring

orange oak cabinets grey floors

The oak cabinet colors in this kitchen have strong orange undertones. Stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and crisp white paint quickly neutralize the orange creating a harmonious color palette.

I love the gray floors, a much better option than a dark floor. The light-colored floors allow the orange oak to be the star while it lends a supportive foundation to build a modern aesthetic upon.

Seeking flooring ideas for kitchen oak cabinets can be a thrilling adventure, and it can be as simple as a quick trip to your neighborhood Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

I ventured into their kitchen cabinet section and borrowed a few oak cabinet door samples. Armed with these, I journeyed to the flooring department to find the perfect gray wood flooring to complement the oak.

The results were astonishing – I discovered several stunning flooring ideas that paired beautifully with the oak cabinets.

I was so engrossed in exploring the different options that time seemed to fly. What’s more, these flooring choices were remarkably affordable.

grey wood flooring oak kitchen cabinets

The image above showcases a variety of grey wood flooring options from Lowe’s.

The grey hues breathed modern life into the oak cabinets.

I could almost see a chic, modern farmhouse kitchen starting to emerge.

The journey of finding the best floor colors was not only fruitful but also an absolute blast!

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Flooring Ideas for Kitchen Oak Cabinets

Pondering over porcelain or ceramic tiles? Both offer a wide array of shapes, colors, and styles.

Ceramic might seem appealing with its friendly price tag, but remember, it’s not as robust as porcelain, which is fired at much higher temperatures.

Drop a pot on a ceramic floor, and you’ll expose a red clay color that sticks out like a sore thumb.

When your budget permits, opting for porcelain in the kitchen is a choice you won’t regret!

White tile flooring ideas for kitchen oak cabinets

white tile flooring oak kitchen cabinets

Picture this: a brilliant canvas of high-gloss white porcelain tiles underfoot, dramatically offsetting a mid-century modern kitchen outfitted with dark oak cabinets. Isn’t that a stunning display of contrast?

This glossy flooring mirrors the gleaming chrome cabinet hardware, the sparkling white backsplash, and the lustrous finish of the white pendant lights. It’s a kitchen that twinkles with every turn, casting an ambiance of upscale elegance.

Porcelain tiles, revered for their strength and durability due to high-temperature baking, are an excellent choice for the hustle and bustle of kitchen life. However, remember, their radiant white sheen calls for regular upkeep to maintain that eye-catching glow. And, polished porcelain’s slick surface warrants a little extra caution, particularly for young kiddos or older adults.

White: White tiles can brighten up the space and complement both light and dark oak cabinets. A popular choice is subway tile for its classic, clean look.

Gray tile flooring ideas for kitchen oak cabinets

Gray tile flooring oak kitchen cabinets

Cherry oak cabinets sit atop rectangular gray veining floor tiles. Gray floor tiles is a great choice for oak cabinetry providing a modern and versatile palette to build upon.

I like using gray tiles with oak cabinets as it allows the warm tones and grain patterns to be the star of the show.

Gray tile with red oak cabinets in this kitchen creates modern sophistication.

Let’s break this down a bit for when you’re out shopping for colors to pair with your oak cabinets. Take a look at the photo – the oak cabinets have a reddish-orange hue. The designer cleverly chose a pale bluish-green glass subway tile to complement them. Why does this work? It’s all about the color wheel.

color wheel design

Red is the opposite of green, and orange is the opposite of blue. A bold blue or green could be overpowering for the reddish-orange cabinets, but a softer, pale bluish-green is just right. It perfectly complements the cabinets, creating a harmonious color scheme.

Gray: Gray flooring can provide a modern look while being a neutral base for oak cabinets. It pairs well with both light and dark oak.

Black tile flooring Oak Cabinet

black tile flooring ideas with oak cabinets

Remember how I mentioned I got a tad over-enthusiastic at Lowes?

Well, I stumbled upon a black tile that made my oak cabinet sample absolutely sing!

Truth be told, we didn’t have many black floor tiles in our design studio. They seemed a bit too daring for our play-it-safe builder clientele.

But wow, what an eye-opener! Black floors exude a bold, yet sophisticated charm. The more black tiles I explored, the more I was persuaded.

Black floor tiles, it turns out, are a fantastic choice for both light and dark oak cabinets. Who would’ve thought?

Black: Black floors can provide a strong contrast, especially with light oak cabinets, and give the kitchen a sophisticated edge.

Beige Flooring Ideas

beige flooring for oak kitchen cabinets

This floor tile with its gray, black, brown, and gold veining is truly a gem!

It doesn’t demand a perfect match with the oak cabinet’s wood grain, which gives you so much design flexibility.

The neutral beige base color is a canvas for creativity, opening a world of opportunities for other design elements in your kitchen.

Beige: Beige tiles can harmonize with the warm undertones in oak cabinets, creating a welcoming, cozy kitchen environment.

porcelain tile floors oak cabinet

A builder-grade standard oak cabinet is upgraded with a more contemporary look using rectangle porcelain tiles.

This light floor brightens the oak wood, while the similar color in the veining ties in the wood grains.

Modern floor tiles are a good choice when looking to update oak cabinets that are still in good condition.

Luxury vinyl plank

uxury vinyl plank oak cabinets

Here’s the lowdown on LVP, short for Luxury Vinyl Plank. It’s got plenty going for it – it’s kind to your wallet, a breeze to clean up, comfortable underfoot, and comes in a bundle of styles and hues.

What’s more, it’s earning brownie points with more and more homebuyers requesting it every day.

The best news- vinyl planks can be laid right on top of existing flooring.

But let’s keep it real – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. High-end buyers may snub their noses, preferring the authenticity of real wood. So, do your due diligence.

Pro-Tip Corner rounds will be needed with LVP flooring unless your floors are completely level. Match the corner round to the baseboard for a cohesive look.

lght oak cabinets herringbone wood floors

Featuring white oak cabinets and a natural stone backsplash, this Scandinavian kitchen design effortlessly transitions into the dining room.

What captures my heart about this oak kitchen is the light wood floors, with their charming brown undertones, styled in an eye-catching herringbone pattern.

Herringbone can work magic with a variety of materials, from real wood and engineered planks to wood-like tiles and even LVP. If you’re feeling your kitchen design could use a spark, this pattern adds visual excitement and depth.

One of the perks of having a floor with mixed light and medium tones is its ability to camouflage dents and scratches. Plus, the variety in the wood grain creates an added layer of depth.

What color wall paint for kitchen oak cabinets?

For kitchen oak cabinets, opt for neutral wall paint in shades of white or soft gray.

white wall pain oak kitchen cabinets

Don’t just take my word for it, just scroll back up and check out those photos of flooring ideas for kitchens with oak cabinets. Spot the common theme? Regardless of the kitchen size, whether it’s a cozy nook or a grand culinary space, they all feature wall paint in shades of white or soft gray. That’s no coincidence!

The choice of white or soft gray walls is a strategic one. It’s about creating a balance that allows the oak cabinets and chosen flooring to truly shine.

These neutral wall colors act as a canvas, subtly enhancing the warm tones of the oak and the texture of your floor.

Whether you opt for a modern look with gray flooring or a classic feel with hardwood, this backdrop ensures your kitchen feels spacious, welcoming, and harmonious.

Final thoughts and encouragement

Wrapping it up here, folks, just as I hinted at the start: contrast is the key to excellent flooring choices for those lovely oak kitchen cabinets.

Go for white for that fresh, light, airy feel. Or, maybe you’re a gray or beige lover, seeking a neutral, organic palette.

Feeling edgy? How about some modern and moody charcoals or even a daring black?

Keep in mind, contrast isn’t just for floors- (See photo below) you can go matchy-matchy with the floors and use contrast with cabinet islands, countertops, backsplashes, wall hues, and hardware like pendant lights, and cabinet knobs.

oak kitchen cabinets matching oak floors

And don’t forget about our dear friend, the color wheel, if you need a little color guidance in the right direction.

Most importantly, let your imagination run wild with shapes, textures, and installation patterns that will elevate your kitchen to the next level.

I believe in you and I bet many of you have already nailed it, so don’t be shy.

Share your experiences and choices in the comments below – we’d all love to hear what flooring you’ve paired with your oak kitchen cabinets.

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